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To Portobello, sustainability means having awareness of its own actions, the impact of its choices, and understanding the responsibility of being part of society and the ecosystem we live in.

Check the 2020 Sustainability Report and get to know all our actions, from production chain to distribution, which help build a better future where we all evolve together.

Our People

Portobello creates and supports several projects aiming to empower communities because we value people and believe in their potential for evolve and transforming the world.

Guidelines that lead our performance:

  • Promote people's health, safety, well-being and development
  • Prioritize children and sport in social projects
  • Become a community partner by supporting social responsibility initiatives
  • Promote culture and participate in the volunteer activities of its employees

Through OUR PEOPLE pillar, we promote to the following UN Sustainable Objectives:

Projects that make OUR PEOPLE pillar real:

Other Projects

Portobello donates ceramic tiles, with an annual average of 25 thousand m², to about 40 institutions that meet the requirements of the Tile Donation Policy.

The company allocates resources to projects in the communities where it operates, through the Culture Incentive Law, the Sports Incentive Law, Pronon, Pronas, the Childhood and Adolescence Fund and the Elderly Fund

ADEC (Sports Association of Ceramists of Vale do Rio Tijucas) is a Portobello partner that promotes various programs and activities with the aim of bringing together companies and the community. With this, more than 4 thousand members and their dependents enjoy a large area with preserved nature and complete infrastructure for sports and leisure

The program aimed at employees and residents of the region near the Portobello factory in Tijucas / SC, disseminates good environmental practices in internal and local social media, as well as conducting awareness campaigns and monthly training for employees.

Held in partnership with ADEC, the Bello Olympics encourages employees to participate in 14 sports, providing well-being and moments of relaxation and fun among co-workers and family members.

The traditional event held with the support of the Portobello Volunteers, count with an average participation of 2,500 people among employees and family members in each edition.

The event is held at Tijucas / SC and Marechal Deodoro / AL units, with the support of the Portobello Volunteers, where employees and their families prepares recreational activities, games and cultural presentations.

Portobello's largest social program happens since 2003 and counts on the participation of company employees, who become godparents and godmothers of needy children and elderly people from Tijucas / SC and Marechal Deodoro / AL, and donate gifts to them.

Our Product

Portobello is dedicated to improving the different stages of its productive and creative processes, in order to care and help to regenerate the planet in which we live.

Guidelines that lead our performance:

  • Practicing innovation and sustainable design
  • Enhance the ceramic sustainability but attentive to the raw material deposits, energy, water and waste management as well
  • Nurture and encourage environmental protection good practices, committing to environmental education

Through the pillar OUR PRODUCT we contribute to the following UN Sustainable:

Main stages of our Productive Process:


Portobello takes care of the environmental regeneration of deposits, respecting the natural origin of each area. Besides that, we fulfill pre-established criteria for the management of social impact and deposits licensing, with periodical audits in order to promote the preservation of biodiversity, the quality control of water, and reduction of CO2 emissions.


In addition to having its own catchment sources, Portobello reuses 100% of the water in the production process through the application of a closed circuit, which avoids the uncontrolled use of such an essential and limited resource on the planet.


The heat of the tile production process is reused as energy source. Portobello constantly invests in clean energy (88% natural gas, 12% electric power), and in technology turned to a more rational use of natural resources.


99,9% of waste generated by Portobello are reused or recycled, promoting a circular and responsible economy. In addition, the company encourages giving an appropriate destination to waste brought by third parties. For instance, by reusing glass that would be discarded, and recycling plastic waste from packages, turning them into garbage bags, about eight tons a year.

All Portobello products are developed in a sustainable way, respecting biodiversity and the use of natural resources. The top characteristics of Portobello coatings are:

Zero Allergens
Zero Covs
Fire resistant

Our Business

Portobello does not measure the success of the business only from a financial point of view, but also trough people well-being and the environment created by its products and services. The internal processes and results confirms our commitment to adopt sustainable measures as part of the company's business strategy.

Click here learn more about the Our Business pillar

Guidelines that lead our performance:

  • Committed to achieve excellence in results.
  • Grow Together. Provide conditions for generating value for all.
  • Invest in good management practices, prioritizing meritocracy.
  • Invest continuously in sustainability.

Through the pillar OUR BUSINESS, we promote to the following UN Sustainable Objectives:

Portobello's activities in this pillar is divided into:

Added Value

Portobello shares the Statement of Added Value with the economic agents that contribute to its generation such as employees, community, government, shareholders and creditors.


Constant investments in people and technologies keep Portobello ahead of the market enabling for a continuous improvement in an increasingly sustainable process.

Customers Satisfaction

Every six months Portobello conducts a satisfaction survey with architects and designers, specifiers of the brand, about our processes, products and services in order to offer and deliver even more, always looking for going beyond customer expectations.

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