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Our Business

At Portobello, we believe that growth is only possible if achieved together. Opportunities exist for all, and we share risks, results and ethical values

We believe that assessments using ESG factors encourage sustainable investments, increase confidence in the capital market and generate more value for the community. We are committed to the transparency and the continuous improvement in the generation and dissemination of information relevant to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We invite you all to access our information, through this Report or the Investor Relations channels.

Guidelines that steer the company’s actions:

  • Committed to achieve excellence in results
  • Grow together.
  • Create conditions to generate value for everyone; Adopt best management and governance practices,
  • Invest in good management practices, prioritizing meritocracy.
  • Invest continuously in sustainability.

Through the pillar called “Our People”, Portobello contributes to the following UN Sustainable Goals

Governance Profile

Portobello has been listed in the Novo Mercado Bovespa stock exchange since April 2008. Our corporate governance practices are transparent, as required by the Corporate Law of Brazil. Moreover, we have voluntarily committed to complying with even more stringent rules

Code of Ethics

Transparency is part of our contemporary context. We invite everyone at Portobello Group to adhere to our Code of Ethics, sustaining a balance in our activities between being economically profitable, environmentally correct and socially responsible

Added Value

Value added is the demonstration of the wealth shared among employees, community, government, shareholders and creditors (economic agents who contributed to its generation). In 2020, it totaled BRL 865 million.

Destination of added value


Most of the investments were used to implement the new Slab production line at Tijucas manufacturing facility. This project is an important step in Portobello’s evolution and is part of the strategy that aims to offer full solutions to customers through Slabs – large pieces of porcelain tiles.


Customers Satisfaction

Portobello conducts a survey every six months with architecture and design professionals, specifiers of the brand, to measure their degree of satisfaction with the company’s processes, products and services. The most recent of these surveys was carried out in February 2021, with 305 specifiers.

Portobello maintained in 2020 its RA1000 certification, from consumer protection website Reclame Aqui, received three years in a row. This recognition, updated daily with consumer scores on the website, is intended for companies that show their customers that they are committed to providing quality after-sales services, raising the degree of trust in their brand and products.

Comments of specifiers who work in partnership with Portobello Shop, from an anonymous survey

  • Excellent staff.
  • Incredibly thoughtful and accommodating, always intent on helping us the best way possible.
  • The service is always very good.
    Consultants are always nice and well-informed about the products.
  • You are amazing. Kudos to the team and for your top-class products!
  • A quality product, a quality delivery and a quality service are the reasons why I choose Portobello products.
Specifier satisfaction End consumer satisfaction

Investor Relations

At Portobello, we believe that growth is only possible if achieved together. Opportunities exist for all, and we share risks, results and ethical values

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