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The new Collection presents the Portobello’s Lifestyle. A way of being unique, collective, and passionate about design, where the products are the best expression of identity.

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Portobello Lifestyle

There's something interesting. A way that makes you want to look. What it creates, its design, its essence, the desire to touch. In conversation, you want to stay.

In the surroundings, a feeling of home. Staying, passing by, having fun or relaxing, always an experience that leaves you passionate.

In the craft of creating, the new emerges. Curiosity makes you better. Shared ideas, together is the way to move forward.

It's private. Authenticity is in your nature, it is not perfect, it is true. Shapes reflect your look. Desire to get closer, experience well-being.

It's from the community that creates it. Ideas, things, materials, spaces, architecture, everything can be imagined. It's dreaming and transforming. Equal in essence, different in thinking.

It makes the future possible, but it doesn't mark time, it just crosses it.

It has the bossa to create emotions, it comes from the soul.

This is its way of being. Collective, passionate about design and who believes that their products are the best expression of its identity.

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Sustainable Architecture

Innovation and sustainability. In yet another Expo Revestir, Portobello explores new shapes and, mainly, the reuse of our stand. To show all steps of the project, from concept to assembly, we invited our partner Patricia Pomerantzeff, from Doma Arquitetura.