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Based in Tijucas, Santa Catarina, Portobello is now the largest ceramic tile company in Brazil.

Based in Tijucas, Santa Catarina, Portobello is now the largest coating company in Brazil.

With an increasingly sustainable production process that respects biodiversity and the use of natural resources, Portobello Group serves clients from countries in the five continents in addition to the Brazilian internal market, through resellers, the Portobello Shop Stores and the engineering sales channel.

Because we value and invest in people, Portobello counts on teams that work on design and innovation in a visionary way, constantly launching trends in architecture and decoration in Brazil, and taking them to the world through Portobello America export channels. Always attentive to the impact of its choices, Portobello helps build a future in which everyone can evolve together.


The environment in which we live is the essence of our business.

We believe that design is the competence that makes us unique and innovative. It transforms peoples’ lives and expresses in our products, environments and experiences with our brand.

Our business environment is global, but design may reflect the local context.

Our culture, strategy and management must enable the creation and distribution of Portobello design, generating value to all the audiences, through our integrated model, with operational efficiency indicated by profitability.


Sustainability for Portobello means being aware of our actions and the impact of our choices. It means understanding the responsibility that comes with being an integral part of our society and ecosystem.

It means being committed with its entire production and distribution chain, helping build a future in which we all evolve together.

Portobello Design

Natural design.
Authorial design.
The gaze frame.
Boundaries that expand.
Welcoming spaces.
Design from the outside to the inside, and from the inside to the outside.
Portobello Design.


Living Design.
Transform environments and inspire people.


Become the leading company in Brazil, and global protagonist in solutions on coatings, through design and innovation.


Design adds intelligence, beauty and safety to life.

All Portobello products are developed in a sustainable way, respecting biodiversity and the use of natural resources. Inside the production process, worth highlighting the main stages:

Portobello takes care of the environmental regeneration of deposits, respecting the natural origin of each area. Besides that, we fulfill pre-established criteria for the management of social impact and deposits licensing, with periodical audits in order to promote the preservation of biodiversity, the quality control of water, and reduction of CO2 emissions.


In addition to having its own catchment sources, Portobello reuses 100% of the water in the production process through the application of a closed circuit, which avoids the uncontrolled use of such an essential and limited resource on the planet.


The heat of the tile production process is reused as energy source. Portobello constantly invests in clean energy (88% natural gas, 12% electric power), and in technology turned to a more rational use of natural resources.


99,9% of waste generated by Portobello are reused or recycled, promoting a circular and responsible economy. In addition, the company encourages giving an appropriate destination to waste brought by third parties. For instance, by reusing glass that would be discarded, and recycling plastic waste from packages, turning them into garbage bags, about eight tons a year.

Our numbers

+ 3.434 employees
30 million square meters produced annually
R$ 1.4 BI
R $ 1.4 billion in gross revenue

Portobello Timeline

Having four decades of history, Portobello is guided by innovative initiatives that have highlighted its trajectory and made it reach the level to become one of the greatest companies in Brazil and Latin America


Start of the building of Portobello America factory in the US in the state of Tennessee.

iF Design Awards 2022 - the Oscar of design in the Product category to Cobogó Mundaú.


Cladding 100% digital with more than 40 hours of live broadcast of events.

Inauguration of the Slab Monument at Tijucas plant.


Lastras Factory Opening

Implementation of the Solidary Collective in the Portobello Shop chain, with social actions such as Winter Clothing Campaign, Children's Day, Cristimas Volunteer and Blood.


Portobello's 40th Anniversary


Large Formats Launching: 1,20x1,20, 80x1,60 e 1,20x2,40.

Launch of Portobello America, in the United States

Adhesion to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Launch of Officina Portobello project in SC stores


Officina Portobello Project start.

First Standard Store Project with Green Building Leed certification.


Portobello´s Group institution.

Pointer Opening, the most sustainable factory in Latin America


Large Formats Launching


Portobello becomes the leading ceramic tile company in Latin America


Start of digital printing technology production


Product innovation with the launch of reduced thickness porcelain tiles - Extra Fine - at the same time to Italian brands.


Industrial Park expansion and Portobello Shop Stores network consolidation with 100 stores.

Adhesion to the New Market.


Export reaches 60% of sales.


Product innovation with porcelain tile production start


Beginning of the use of Natural Gas, clean energy for ovens and dryers.


Launch of the Portobello Shop Franchise Network


We started the first stage of the Alamandas Allotment project, with the construction of 162 popular houses


Implementation of the first oven to receive heat recovery technology, thereby saving energy, reducing the environmental impact of production


Construction of the new industrial effluent treatment station, which made it possible to separate solid particles so that they could be recycled and returned to the production chain as raw material.


Beginning of the outsourcing bringing to Brazil the trend ceramic typology, the porcelain tile imported from Italy.


Product innovation with coatings for facades launching.
Capital opening


Industrial Park expansion, reaching 1 million m2 / month.


Product innovation with the launch of the 1st flooring line for high traffic, the Heavy Load line.


First exportations.


Portobello's ceramic activities start, inspired not only by the commercial vein, but by the aspiration to transform the Tijucas community