Our People

Our People

We value the people from our communities and believe in their ability to evolve and change the world for the better.

Guidelines that steer the company’s actions:

  • Promote people’s health, safety, well-being and development;
  • Prioritize children and sports in social projects;
  • Act as a partner of the community, supporting good initiatives of social responsibility;
  • Promote culture and encourage employees to participate in volunteer actions

Through the pillar called “Our People”, Portobello contributes to the following UN Sustainable Goals

Plurality at Portobello

We will become an increasingly more plural

We understand that diversity creates an environment that is more productive and open to innovation.

Different people with different viewpoints, experiences and cultures, coupled with the will to make things bigger and better, being respectful, receptive and collaborative—that is how we will evolve further and further. Different, but with something in common: our passion for design. This is our greatest strength.

We know that we still have a long way to go, but our progress depends on our commitment to this vision. The next generation of leaders is plural. And a more plural future begins with being more accepting and with more opportunities. This is everyone’s commitment.

Direct Jobs
People with disabilities (PWD) 3,6%
Young trainees 160
Internship 31
Employees by gender

Managing Covid-19

Together with internal actions geared towards employee safety, Portobello Group also made significant donations to combat Covid-19.


    Created to monitor and integrate actions to combat Covid-19 across Portobello Group.


    Involving actions and strategies developed for preventing the disease and handling suspect or confirmed cases.


    Mandatory in public transportation, cafeterias and all areas of the company. Administrative employees were sent to work remotely.


    Recommendations, medical checkups, face masks handed out to all employees, hand sanitizers available and testing of suspect cases.


    Portobello did not terminate any jobs because of the crisis and reduced working hours by 25% per Presidential Decree 936.

  • 100% DIGITAL

    All events happening post-Revestir, the highlights being the Franchisee Convention, Unltd Exhibit and the Slabs workshops.

Collective Care

Together with internal actions geared towards employee safety, Portobello Group also made significant donations to combat Covid-19.

  • 1.000 rapid tests Acquired and intended for employees and for tracking all suspect and confirmed cases
  • R$90mil Donated to Lar Santa Maria da Paz charity, in Tijucas, along with food, hygiene products and medications
  • 4 mechanical ventilators and monitors Donated to Hospital São José, in Tijucas (SC)
  • 113 basic food baskets Donated to Vidal Ramos Foundation, in Florianópolis
  • 14.000 face masks Handed out to the Tijucas Health Office, São José Hospital, communities in Santa Catarina, Pointer employees and Vergel Community
  • 300 basic food baskets and hygiene kits Donated to Vergel Community, in cooperation with NGO Mandaver, and to the Alagoas Economic Development and Tourism Office
We believe that by prioritizing children and sports we are helping create a better future. Therefore, we run permanent programs around the Tijucas manufacturing unit and support initiatives in these areas

The Crescer Program is a transformational project in Tijucas that for more than 15 years has offered sporting and educational activities. Every year the program benefits around 200 children and teenagers aged 6 to 13, of which 30% are children of Portobello employees and 70% are from the local community. Of all participants, 90% are students at local public schools.

The goal of the program is not only to encourage physical activity and develop motor skills, it is meant also to foster qualities that come from doing sports, such as responsibility, cooperation and respect.

The way this happens is by teaching social and educational subjects such as health, education, entrepreneurship and sustainability. The program also serves to prepare teenagers for the professional world, guiding them into Portobello’s Young Trainee program.

Crescer is held in partnership with ADEC - Sports Association of Ceramics Companies in Tijucas and with SESI - Industrial Social Work. All participants get free fares, food, uniforms and school supplies including the program schedule. Crescer did not take place in 2020 to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Created in 2004, Anjos de Luz Choir is a project carried out in the community of Tijucas and has included more than 300 children and teenagers aged 6 to 13. It is an initiative that brings the beauty and transforming power of music to different generations. The relationships cultivated since childhood are extremely valuable to Portobello, especially because many of those children are the sons and daughters of our company’s employees.

Currently, the choir has 35 members who perform at public events, festivals, gatherings and shows, also alongside other musical acts. The choir did not gather in 2020 to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Volunteer Program serves as the basis to maintain and get people increasingly involved in the numerous social programs of Portobello is the Volunteer Program. Participating in it currently are over 200 employees. The program, which has encouraged involvement in social actions since 2017, is intended to contribute to improving quality of life of the community at large.

To this end, the initiative is currently organized into four different areas which volunteers are free to chose from based on their availability and interests: •Volunteer actions, in which employees can help with the organization of the company’s events, such as the Workers’ Day Party, the Children’s Party, and of events held by the municipal administration of Tijucas.•Charitable campaigns, focused on collecting donations for the Volunteer Christmas Celebration, Clothing Donation Campaign, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers and schools.

•Charitable donations, in which volunteers provide assistance to employees experiencing hardship due to a disease or natural disaster.•Actions in favor of life, which focuses on the health and well-being of people and calls for actions such as donating blood, platelets, helping in events related to health in general such as breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness months.In 2020, five groups of employees donated blood at the HEMOSC Hematology Center in Florianópolis.

The largest social program organized by Portobello has existed since 2003. Participating in it are the company’s employees, who sponsor poor children and elderly from Tijucas and Marechal Deodoro and give them Christmas presents.

In 2020, the Portobello Volunteer Christmas Celebration handed out 256 presents to children in Santa Catarina charity homes and 280 Christmas baskets to the poorest families in Tijucas, with the support of the local Social Work Office. At Pointer, employees have sponsored 250 children from Vergel Community in partnership with NGO Mandaver.

At our Portobello Shop chain, we took part in Christmas actions in numerous cities around Brazil, such as a Lunch Event sponsored by Portobello Shop Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, and a Christmas event at Lar Esperança with the support of Portobello Shop Nilo Peçanha, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Moreover, Portobello donated funds which would be used for buying giveaways to APAE in Tijucas to support a project for improving facilities and resuming classes in 2021.

This traditional event is held with the support of Portobello Volunteers and each edition has 2,500 participants on average, between employees and their relatives. In 2020, the party was replaced with a virtual event that encou aged people to “stay home”.

This event is held with the support of the Volunteer Program, in which employees, participants of social programs and their families, offer games, play and cultural performances. In 2020, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Children’s Party took place virtually with guest animators and mascot Bello. It featured music, play and prizes to brighten up the day of the children from the families of Portobello and Pointer employees.

The company allocated BRL 400,000 in funds to projects in nearby communities through the Culture Incentive Law, Sports Incentive Law, National Program of Support to Cancer Oncology – Pronon, National Support Program for Patients with Disabilities – Pronas, Children and Adolescent Fund and Elderly Fund.

ADEC - Sports Association of Ceramics Companies in Tijucas is a partner of Portobello’s that promotes several programs and activities with the purpose of bringing businesses and the community together.

As a result, more than 4,000 members along with their dependents can enjoy a vast conservation area and full sports and recreation infrastructure.

Held in partnership with the ADEC, the Sports Association of Ceramics Companies in Tijucas, the Bello Olympics encourages employees to take part in 14 sports events, promoting well-being and moments of relaxation and fun for co-workers and their families. This event did not take place in 2020 to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A program geared towards employees and residents living near the Portobello manufacturing facility in Tijucas. It imparts best environmental practices on internal and local social media and runs awareness campaigns and monthly training activities for employees.


Meritocracy is part of our organizational development and is one of the strategies of the People and Management area

We believe professionals who focus on results, are innovative and act out of a sense of ownership are fundamental for us to achieve our brand’s objectives.
We pick, recognize and value professionals who show outstanding performance using a meritocracy system. We believe that aligning objectives and goals, structured planning and management tools will lead to excellence and efficiency.

Professionals who deliver the best results, working with integrity, ethics, respect and in teams, deserve individual recognition. Employees are always the agents of their own careers and should seek out continuous development and improvement, with the involvement of their leaders and the support of the company.
We value a friendly workplace environment, with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Daily, monthly and annual results are tracked and must fall in line with the company’s sustainability.

Qualified people, effective processes and results-oriented management are guidelines set out so that each employee has a global view of the company, generating agility in decision making
  • Focus on results results
  • Sense of ownership
  • Innovation
  • Development of talents
  • Search for competitiveness
  • Focus on customers
  • Agility in management
  • Valuing different opinions

Organizational and leadership competencies guide a professional’s profile and training content.

Employees receiving performance review (%)
Training sessions per employee (hours)
No on-site training took place in2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hence the reduction in training hours.
We offer training tools so that our employees can develop professionally

    Professionals with potential for promotion take part in annual cycles of mentoring with co-workers who are one or two hierarchical levels above. The program did not take place in 2020 to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but it is set to resume in 2021.

  • Leader of the Future

    An immersion program of leadership development for managers. 105 professionals have already taken it.


    Focusing on the major new release of 2020, the Slabs, specifiers who work in partnership with Portobello Shop received more than 130 hours of training.


    Portobello carries out a 360-degree performance evaluation of its leaders and uses the results to identify development opportunities and find the best talents. An online platform guides the evaluations through 43 behaviors expected of Portobello professionals and, at the end of the process, the results are discussed in a committee.


    A program created in 2020 geared towards the development of consultants and executives from the resale channel and of leaders serving in marketing and exporting. Our distance courses and on-line meetings provide learning moments for professionals to hone even further their ability to pull in customers, exceed expectations and foresee scenarios. Each audience follows a specific development path involving training in customer service, customer experience, negotiation and sales, communication and leadership.


    In 2020, due to the pandemic, Portobello Shop leaders met up virtually to talk about essential topics with a view to inspiring and providing practical resources so that participants can take it upon themselves to pursue new paths and possibilities, with confidence and optimism.


    Focused on the Commercial Personnel, over 2,000 professionals from Resale, Engineering and Portobello Shop staff receive training in technical topics related to products and service.