Nosso Produto

Our Product

All Portobello products are made in a sustainable manner, respecting biodiversity and the use of natural resources

Guidelines that steer the company’s actions:

  • Practice sustainable design and innovation;
  • Boostthesustainabilityofceramicmaterials, especially in regard to the deposits of raw materials, to energy, to water and to waste management;
  • Nurture and encourage environmental protection good practices, committing to environmental education.

Through the pillar called “Our People”, Portobello contributes to the following UN Sustainable Goals

Naturally Sustainable

Ceramic tiles are sustainable by nature

Recoverable Deposits

The main raw material for ceramics is clay, removed from more superficial layers than other natural materials, an essential characteristic for the recovery of the deposit areas.


No environmental impact when it is disposed of and it can be reincorporated into similar production processes or reused as an input in the basic stages of civil construction.

Fire Resistant

It does not release toxic smoke in extreme situations.

Zero Allergens

Inert material that does not allow the proliferation of mites, bacteria, fungi and molds.

Zero COVs

Ceramic is inorganic, emitting no volatile organic compounds, which are gases harmful to the respiratory system.

Zero Formaldehyde

Ceramics do not contain binders, including formaldehyde, which is harmful to health.