Sculptural Apartment

Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Volume and color. Integration and blocks. Curves and straight lines. As a disciple of the organic school, Rodrigo Ohtake employs his light, agile and creative style to conceive the Sculptural Apartment. A project of multiple perspectives. A view with the challenge of revealing little.

It is inside a square that Rodrigo takes on the provocation of adding curves to spaces through “walls” that play the role not only of environment delimiters, but especially as means to direct the gaze in motion. Comprising a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom, the project manages to preserve intimacy even though integration is a premise.

The strong volumetric presence gains the company of colors with the use of all seven options in the Oh!Take line, reproduction of concrete in timeless and soft tones that were co-created by his father and teacher, Ruy Ohtake, with Portobello. The color palette is inserted in a block-like manner and yet still respects the intended use. A warmer and more comfortable couch. A more lively and inviting kitchen countertop. Choices that go beyond aesthetics.

The Oh!Take slabs illustrate all of their unlimited possibilities, whether on walls, straight lines or curves, floor and furniture. Cut into joints, the material is flexible, allowing for a plastic, interesting and innovative result.
Ohtake Rodrigo
Rodrigo Ohtake @__ohtake
Graduated as Architect and Urbanist at FAU/USP (University of São Paulo) in 2009, with a study period at Politecnico di Milano, Rodrigo Ohtake, collaborated with architects Mario Biselli, Alvaro Puntoni and french designer Patrick Jouin. He also worked from 2008 until 2016 with his father Ruy Ohtake. Since 2005, starts working on his own projects and in 2011, opens Rodrigo Ohtake Arquitetura e Design.

In 2021, he returns to coordinate Ruy Ohtake arq1uitetura e urbanismo, together with his own office. Besides his works at the studios, worked as assistant curator of André Corrêa do Lago’s Brazilian pavilion at the 14th Venice Biennale – Architecture, in 2014. Since his early projects he creates furniture for his architecture. In 2015 starts producing independent furniture design. Some participations in fairs include MADE and SP/Arte, in Brazil, and Design Miami and Design Miami / Basel.

Photo: Deco Cury