Cosmopolitan Loft

Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
More than housing the visions of architect Mariana Maran, the essence of the Cosmopolitan Loft project brought an additional challenge: to personify the professional’s artistic and architectural interpretation of a very special client.

In this context, she allowed herself to study and delve deeply into the universe of journalist and TV presenter Pedro Andrade, native of Rio de Janeiro and living in New York, with keen appreciation for people and cultures and a passion for travel and adventure. His cosmopolitan personality was already a premise for creating a comfortable space, without exaggeration, without waste, urgent characteristics underpinning a new way of living.

With a concept that joins sophistication, comfort and well-being, Mariana Maran conceived a 120-square-meter loft divided into several cozy and easy-to-use environments, with the intention of making day-to-day life more practical and uncomplicated. To bring the world into the home and also pay tribute to Pedro Andrade, the Horizontes line, which he co-created with Portobello, with gentle relief and a light tone that reminds us of Santorini, is an organic and fitting choice.

In contrast, the darker and more sober color palette comes from the or de Cacau, a marble reproduction under a surface lit up by golden veins, which naturally harmonizes with other materials in various proportions. The atmosphere is timeless, using a modern and current language which truly represents its source of inspiration.
Maran Mariana
Mariana Maran @marianammaran
Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from São Paulo State University, the experienced architect and interior designer has been signing highly customized luxury projects in Brazil and abroad for 17 years, guided by the concepts of well-being, comfort, coziness and great sophistication. 

Each project is extremely personalized and unique, thought out exclusively for the daily life of each client, uniting creativity, cost effectiveness and functionality. The richness of detail and the unique identity present in her projects are her greatest distinction.

Photo: Salvador Cordaro