Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Like Macunaíma, from the novel by Mário de Andrade, the Macunaíma project inherits many characteristics from this character, son of the Amazon Forest. An eminent scholar of Brazilian folklore, our nature and the indigenous population, Alex Atala made a point of bringing this minor difference in the word’s intonation to the name of his project, in deference to the native peoples.

His brilliant career as a chef, living both the professional and the family kitchen intensely, instilled mastery within the author in relation to spaces, talent that leveraged inspiration, the motivational for the first sketches of the environment. With active participation in all stages and decisions, Atala also infuses a little of his personality into the construction of Macunaíma, a place where Brazilianness can be seen and felt.

Over the course of the working process, fear became challenge and passion that he says gave birth to the design of an innovative and, above all, comfortable kitchen. Comfort as a new luxury, in fact, is revealed in little details, with utensils at hand, easily accessible, coming to you, for example, on wheeled modules.

Macunaíma evokes Brazilian roots and makes rusticity shine in a natural and elegant way. In two shades of a very strong stone reproduction, formed by slabs in the Folk line, the space is clad with a bold and timeless surface. To further emphasize the feeling of informality and irreverence, there is also a contrast of materials with the choice of a green marble porcelain tile, Verde Alpi. A design with a natural and striking perspective. A place to look and recognize Brazil, its soul, its cultural background.
Atala Alex
Alex Atala @alexatala
The work that chef Alex Atala has developed over a career of more than 30 years, focused on enhancing Brazilian ingredients, colors and flavors, has caught the attention of experts. The chef has earned a collection of national and international awards. In 2013, he was on TIME magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people. For the past 13 years, his restaurant in São Paulo, D.O.M., has often been featured in the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants by Restaurant Magazine. In 2014, Atala received the Lifetime Achievement Diners Club Award on the South American 50 Best list by the same magazine.

In 2015, Alex became the first Brazilian chef to have a two-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide. D.O.M. received the honor and has held it ever since. In addition, the chef owns Dalva e Dito and Mercadinho Dalva e Dito. Also created by the chef, the ATÁ Institute is an initiative aiming to bring together knowledge and food, food and cooking, cooking and production, production and nature. Founded in April 2013, ATÁ is formed by a multidisciplinary team that includes photographers, entrepreneurs, advertising professionals, an anthropologist and a journalist. Atala is also the organizer of, a seminar that gathers major names to discuss the future of the global food system.

Photo: Marcus Steinmeyer