Blue Home

Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
From her creativity, combined with a touch of simplicity and imperfection, comes Paola Navone’s striking Blue Home. A large fluid space, where air and light circulate freely and there is no real separation between inside and outside. 

In this “aquarium house”, to be lived in with the lightness and freedom of a weekend, inspirations and craft traditions from distant worlds coexist harmoniously. In a nest home, feeling at ease is a precedent for engendering a special affinity with things, which in this case tend to be tinged by infinite shades of blue.

The bright atmosphere is surrounded by the author’s natural attraction to cool colors that, through skillful composition, ironically convey warmth and coziness. Blue Home is a relaxing and hypnotic dive into the Mediterranean Sea landscape. The blue that envelops the world around.

Through a special alchemy, the inner garden at the center of the project, received by the minimalist Ms. Barcelona surface, dictates the rhythm at which the other environments develop, which, although integrated, are separated by the sheer size of the space. Paola Navone skillfully brings together different prints and designs, and a surprising harmony is born from the unexpected contrast. Like a skilled hostess, she brings different guests together for good dialog.

In irregular shapes reminiscent of small candies, Bonbon White creates a unique mosaic across the Blue Home floor, while Vedononvedo covers side partitions, giving the mirror new meaning by inserting abstract elements on the surface. The Shibori line, displayed in large blue panels on the walls, highlights different designs using the Japanese manual technique of dyeing fabric. The furniture, also developed by the Italian creator, uses Bianco di Lucca and Oh!Take Mountain on the countertops.

Blue Home: a cheerful and light residence where traditional materials become surprising, friendly elements that can be interpreted in many ways.
Navone Paola
Paola Navone @paola.navone
A direct and eclectic dreamer: her mind and soul are a combination of the flavors and colors of the world’s South – known, loved and lived – together with the tastes and forms of the West, rich in tradition, open and constantly moving. This all generates her tireless curiosity in her studies of subjects and materials, forms and structures. In her research into the present, the past and the future.

Paola Navone is an architect. She is a product designer, interior decorator and art director. She creates exhibits and events all over the world. In 1983, she won the prestigious Osaka International Design Award. She was the Designer of the Year in 2000 by Architektur & Wohnen magazine. With two Elle Deco International Design Awards from 2011 and 2018, Paola was also inducted into Interior Design Magazine’s prestigious Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2014. In addition, she has worked and still cooperates with the leading companies in the international and Italian design world.

Photo: Enrico Conti