Grid Solar 12

Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
If home is where the heart is, the Grid Solar 12 Home beats steadily and without stopping in an attempt to keep pace with the speed of light, with this resource explored naturally to generate a variation of moods throughout the day. 

Despite modulation, which is the project’s starting point, Mila creates an organic, fluid space. Modern thinking, in which the home can be anywhere, is materialized through rational architecture that allows for living in movement, as well as lighting. A pleasant, flexible and contemplative space.

In a metal structure, the 12x12m residential project is wholly framed by slabs within an open and integrated layout that generously brings bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom together, with the latter the only more private space in the house. The freedom to come and go, from the outside in, from the inside out.

With Grid Solar 12, Mila Strauss translates the strong personality she imprints on her works through the limitless possibilities of continuous surfaces, which become part of the entire space. From the floor to the walls. From the ceiling to the fixed furniture. 

The choice of the Dansk line, in two different shades to ensure contrast, is explained by the symbol of permanence, which overcomes time, just like concrete works. The permeability of light through the slabs also comes into play when louvers are created at the sides and wide spaces between pieces on the roof originate a grid of natural light. With each new opening and closing, with each new time of day, a new light.

Grid Solar 12 is a frame for the landscape. Grid Solar 12 is a frame for living.
Strauss Mila
Mila Strauss @mm18arquitetura
Mila Strauss is a graduate from Faculdade de Belas Artes, with a master’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. In 2008, with Marcos Paulo Caldeira, he founded the MM18 architecture firm, responsible for many projects all over Brazil, such as Airbnb, Uber, Mirante 9 de Julho and Bar dos Arcos. She is currently dedicated to hospitality in the project for the Jo&Joe hotel in Largo do Boticário, in addition to various residences, buildings and retrofits. 

Photo: Ali Karakas