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Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
Mostra Unlimited 3ª edição
An architecture rooted, like its creator, in diving deeper, in immersion, in the deepest seeing, feeling and experiencing. The inspiration for Casa-Camanducaia takes us to the town bearing the same name, of indigenous origin, tucked into the arms of the Mantiqueira Mountains, southern Minas Gerais.

It is against the back*DROP* of mild mountain climate and the serene light under the mountains that we should visualize, up at the peak, this unique context proposed for a photography studio, within a vast artistic complex that drives different ways of living and creating. The form takes root masterfully, as if it had always been part of that Atlantic Forest, but it still lets the surrounding images take the lead.

The rugged natural topography frames the project and reveals the power of a simple play of light and shadow, enhanced by the continuous surfaces of Portobello Slabs. Shapes, colors and tones come together harmoniously with the application of Folk Grey and Folk Ice, different interpretations of limestone, and Classic Marquinia, originating from aesthetic purity. 

Casa-Camanducaia is home to the photographer, his inspirations, sources and images immersed in the protagonism of natural beauty. Living and experiencing merge as a single expression, an effect achieved through the visual uniformity of the multiple surfaces.
de Matos Gabriela
Gabriela de Matos @gabdematos.arquitetura
Gabriela de Matos is the first female vice-president of the Institute of Architects of Brazil in the São Paulo department (IABsp). An Architect and Urban Planner, she graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at PUC Minas in 2010. In 2016, she specialized in Sustainability and Management of the Built Environment at UFMG. 

Pursuing a Master’s degree at Diversitas – Center for the Study of Diversity, Intolerance and Conflicts at the USP School of Philosophy, Literature and Human Sciences (FFLCH). She is founder of the Arquitetas Negras project, which currently maps the production of Brazilian black women architects. She is CEO of the Architecture Studio – Gabriela de Matos, established in 2014. She was awarded 2020 Architect of the Year by IAB RJ. 

Photo: Daniela Toviansky