The most noble and traditional white marbles have in common their origin, the region of Carrara in Italy, which stretches from the Alps to the sea.

This small territory is home to cellars as diverse as they are precious for the rarest white marbles.

The shapes and colors of the veins, designed by time and nature, defined how each Carrara marble is recognized.

The Borghini, which has organic veins that tend towards a circle, was named for its formal resemblance to the urban centers developed from a center of commerce in the Middle Ages, the burgos.

The burgundy tone is the Borghini Viola’s hallmark of sophistication. Rare in nature, this tone is the result of state-of-the-art ceramic technology that guarantees the exclusivity of the continuous and unlimited surfaces of Portobello porcelain slabs.

Available in 120x120 and 120 cm x 270 cm formats, in natural and polished finishes.
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