The origins of visual purity, functionality, and formal simplicity are Eastern, but have been improved and conquered their own identity representing Nordic thinking. Portobello has Immersed in the daily life of Copenhagen, with the goal of capturing the essence of that culture. A team of Brazilian architects with the Portobello creative team immersed themselves around architecture and design, observed the cultural traditions and discovered Hygge - an untranslated word that expresses the Danish way of life, which values and promotes happiness and quality of life. The first Creative Collective Portobello collaborated in creating a collection of products that, in the eyes of the group, expressed the Hygge spirit. Metallic parquets with a brushed finish and soft colors represent the attention to details in the ambiences that look for simplicity, but without lacking form and beauty. Metal profiles express the attention to the design function, taken very seriously by the Danes. A mosaic of marble and metal, state that sophistication can also be present and celebrate the joy of living. The reproduction of a minimalist and almost single colored cement surface in warm tones translates the search for the essential and the comfort in living spaces. Light, one of the central elements of Hygge environments, is materialized in a candlestick developed by Officina Portobello. The Candlelight is widely used in the Danish culture, to bring the people around you to an intimate and joyful mood. Read More

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