Oh!Take. Master of Brazilian architecture, Ruy Ohtake always takes us to experiences that surprise us.
Going beyond limits, a constant in his creative process, Ruy challenges the possibilities of material and brings out what is unusual.
The concrete and the color. Boldness and genius. When all is said and done, the simplicity and elegance of the work envelops and enchants us.
Here, the work is superficial.
Sometimes flat, almost obvious if it weren’t for the subtleties of color and mix of the small aggregates.
Sometimes organic, unusual and vibrant, creating movement in the vertical planes that we ordinarily call walls, but here deserve to be redefined. Now these vertical plances are a blank canvas for the creator’s soul. Soul is poetry in concrete, curves and colors challenging boundaries between design and art.
Oh!Take in Slabs close-ups reveals the infinite surface to the eyes. Colors that are timeless and smooth, however remarkable for the strength of their scale, reveal a new path to the design. The master presents us with alternatives to what’s obvious, what’s gray, and what’s common.
Soul – Curves in yellow (Home), blue (Heaven), white (Mountain, gray (Moon), and red (Cliff) in 30 x 120 cm (11.81 x 47.24 inches) format.
Oh!Take Lastras – Infinite colored surfaces that take you to the mountain (Mountain), forest (Forest), cliff (Cliff), city (City), paradise (Heaven), for indoors (Home) and even to the moon (Moon). Read More

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