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Fabrício Frezza e Gabriel Figueiredo
We created a space for rest, relaxation and meditation. A symbolic cloud of slabs above us and an imaginary sky-blue hug invite to share good moments with us. The floor, from the Bonbon line, provokes us to stay barefoot and feel the texture that reminds childhood and purity. The Gouache line, in satin white, suggests a window in the middle of the sky. THE CLOUD feels the impulse, transits and invites us to the moment now. It evokes the sky that embraces and makes the moment temporary. A space that invites us to evolve, relax and find peace when we rise high enough to see beyond the horizon. 
 Fabrício Frezza e Gabriel Figueiredo
Fabrício Frezza e Gabriel Figueiredo @frezzaefigueiredo
Passionate about architecture, design, aesthetic and creation, partners Fabrício Frezza (interior designer) and Gabriel Figueiredo (architect) develop together what they call “your project”. Frezza & Figueiredo office transits with fluidity across the areas of architecture, interior design and scenography. It is known for assisting expectations and needs related to each project in a humanized and democratic way. With tenderness and poetry they create unique scenarios, always attentive to conditions, quality, details and finishing. A duo that loves listening to the history and profile of clients, from which they start very special projects, full of emotions, counting on a team of excellent professionals and partners who, in synchrony, transform ideas and dreams into reality.



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