Living and Restroom for Him and Her

Minimalist and timeless, the Restrooms show that there is no gender identity for Him or Her. Functionality and practicality are present in the environment.

With neutral colors and bases, it reveals a strong personality and a striking visual identity, where everyone can use the restroom they identify with the most. At the Living, the ethnic presence shows the personality and transition in time, where the furniture softens and frames the entire personality is expressed by works of art with a strong identity.
Bressan Bruno
Bruno Bressan @bressan_design_e_interiores
Decorating, developing projects and renovating rational spaces with personalized services providing comfort, economy and harmony. To be recognized as an interior designer, design and events office that stand out for the creativity of the solutions and concepts of its projects. It contributes to society, with responsibility as a basic premise of the business.

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Sergio Maker
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