Fireplace Livingroom

“Luxury with a contemporary take”. This is how the Fireplace Living Room is defined. With the new perspective provoked after the pandemic, we discovered how good it is to stay at home, valuing time and coexistence.

 Kátia wanted to integrate her routine at home with her family's well-being. The piano and the imposing fireplace make up the space adding integration and union. The architect uses panels covering the walls with fine materials such as marble, tapestries and fabrics chosen by her to bring comfort and sophistication to the space. 

Designer furniture and objects also define the professional's design, creating an atmosphere with plenty of breadth, fluidity and elegance. 
Herzog Kátia
Kátia Herzog @katiaherzogprojetos
Leading her office since 2011, Katia Herzog is equipped with a team specialized in interior design and architecture. Her focus is on residential and corporate projects. 

In search of constant challenges, the company is dedicated to conceptual ideas that are adapted according to the needs and desires of each client. Creative, dynamic, differentiated and timeless projects are combined with solutions and technologies that bring comfort, safety, balance and quality of life to customers. 

Fine materials and textures make up the sophisticated and contemporary style with classic touches, creating unique environments and making dreams come true.
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