The creation of a scenographic lounge, at the top of the Palácio das Mangabeiras garden and with the Serra do Curral as its horizon, was the starting point for developing the architectural program for the living and support environment for a restaurant bar that values the interaction between landscape and people.

After fulfilling the demands of architecture, together with the CASACOR Minas 2021 the theme, “The Original House”, the architect and designer's gaze on the Serra do Curral bathed by the sunset is translated into a terracotta palette with spectrums of shapes, textures and materials, in reference to a vernacular architecture modeled on clay.

With inspiration from the plot and the briefing, the theme of the exhibition and the inspiration for the landscape, was born the name Sertões, due to its aridity, strength, resistance and beauty extracted from clay.

In this poetic context full of contrasts and surrounded by works by artists from Minas Gerais, there is the launch of Balanço Adélia, the reinterpretation of the São João Luminárias in floor version and the Cacique Sofa Line.
Oliveira Francisco
Francisco Oliveira @franciscooliveira_arq
Francisco Oliveira is an architect and urban planner (ITU) and has a postgraduate degree in Furniture Design (UEMG). With authorial projects aligned with local memory and culture, he experimented with different shapes and materials in the design of furniture and lamps. He believes that emotional design can bring meaning to objects and influence the user's relationship with the products.
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