Casa Acqua

Casa Acqua was conceptualized in the same guidelines as the Original Greco-Roman House, since in this year of 2021, CASACOR's theme is the “Original House”. This project had an “O” shaped floor plan and featured an internal patio with balconies surrounding the rooms, which allowed all spaces to be visually integrated, along with a central fountain to symbolize prosperity.

At Casa Acqua, these traits are updated mainly with adjustments that take the pandemic into consideration. The project has four modules, individualized by sectors: intimate, social, leisure, service and a central garden. This individualized deployment provided privacy when it's needed. 

The modules are surrounded by water mirrors, elements of aesthetic interest which bring surprising mirrors of the architecture and its surroundings. These elements also symbolize the central fountain found in the original Greco-Roman house. 

The pergolated roof covering circulation between the garden and modules allows you to walk among them with a roof over your head, referencing the balcony that circled the inner courtyard of a Greco-Roman house!

Both its civil architecture and interior architecture explore natural materials, which bring warmth, simplicity and functionality. This, of course, without losing its elegance!
Menezes Cristina
Cristina Menezes @cristinamenezesarq
Cristina Menezes Arquitetura believes in the responsibility of architecture in reaching excellence. Every project must have its own concept to provide exclusivity. In this way, the features that come out of the “drawing board” are unique and add new chapters in the history of the office and the life of each client.
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