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Who has never struggle to find qualified labor during the process of a work?

The distinct phases of a project require an always attentive eye, including when applying the chosen Portobello product.
Thus, we avoid differences between our expectations and the reality usually found out there. Do you agree?

Discover the Portobello Shop Laying Services. The solution for your work, from the beginning to the end!


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Against breakages during your work

Um dos grandes diferenciais é a nossa garantia de 5 anos! Não somente na qualidade das placas, mas também sobre o serviço de instalação, alé

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From idea to execution

Our stores guarantee a smooth renovation, without losses and waste.

Sales Consultant

Indicates the ideal products for each technical demand in accordance with the applicable regulations in force. Verifies customer schedule needs and schedules product logistics.

Project Team

Develops technical projects.

Installation Team

Performs on-site project validation, prepares the activities schedule, prepares the environment to receive the work, performs the laying and finishing of the products. Finally, the finished laying work is delivered, clean and with the warranty and the Portobello Quality Standard.

1. Before Before
Technical Laying Project

In addition to the visual layout project, the store’s technical team prepares the modulation project with material specifications, inclusion of gaskets and other valuable information for the execution.
The service team evaluates all project requests and validates potential interference, reducing incompatibilities.

Planning and Responsibility

Our professionals plan activities and schedule adjustments, isolate all areas necessary to avoid damage to other environments and check all materials delivered.
The team registers the Technical Responsibility of the work in CREA or CAU.
Before starting the work, we closely supervise the entire process, thus reducing unforeseen events and delays.

2. During During
Team specialized in Portobello laying

Our installers are certified and trained professionals, who undergo intensive training at the Portobello Factory’s laying laboratory, in Tijucas, SC.
They are evaluated regarding the techniques, organization, quality of services and tools used, guaranteeing the premium standard in the installation process in all the works carried out.

Continuous management of the work quality and technical supervision

We intensively supervise each work with the customer’s perspective, from project development to delivery. The problems and defects that appear are resolved during the work, without disturbing you.

Insurance against breakage during construction

The predictability of the work budget is our biggest differentiator. You will have total security in the quantity and quality of the contracted products and services.
Portobello replaces any broken materials during the work at no additional cost to you.

3. After After
Portobello Warranty

Our other great difference is the 5-year warranty. Not only in terms of the plates quality, but also in terms of the installation service.

Fine Cleaning

We properly dispose of waste generated during the work and provide fine cleaning, leaving the place ready for you to enter and use.


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Portobello Laying
in Practice

  • Premium Laying of all extra coverings sold in Portobello Shop stores;
  • Overlay and coatings removal, paint removal, with proper disposal of debris and residues;
  • Installation of Officina Portobello selected items (prefabricated niches, stripes, thresholds, tents, among others);
  • Niches carved on site (including cutting, framing, waterproofing and laying);
  • Installation of drains purchased at Portobello Shop;
  • Half-square finishes.

You should always have this content at hand – download our PDF about the Portobello Shop Laying Service!


Where to find Portobello Laying Services

The Laying Service is now available at the following Portobello Shop stores:

Santa Catarina
  • Balneário Camboriú
  • Blumenau
  • Florianópolis
  • São José
  • Tijucas
  • Curitiba - Alto da XV
  • Curitiba - Batel
Rio Grande do Sul
  • Porto Alegre - Nilo Peçanha

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