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How are the main trends that we have been following for years behaving today? To find the answer, we went through various environments in architecture, design, fashion, art, culture, including digital, to seek references, analyze and understand behaviors. Check out what's new and with the best ethical and sustainable practices.

Macro Trends

Trend is a predisposition, a social phenomenon observed that leads to a real change in social behavior.

While Macro Trends are longer and more intense movements, with at least five years of impact on people's lives, Micro Trends are a bit briefer and originate based on these larger trends.

For 2023 and beyond, some concepts are reinforced, intensified, and others change direction slightly. But the atmosphere of these Macro Trends continues.

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We Manifesto We Manifesto
We Manifesto We (R)Exist
Culture Mashup
Inside Out Inside Out
Inside Out Essentia Matters
Comfy Being
Neo Real Neo Real
Neo Real Shared Reality
High Control
Dei Sapiens

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