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When invited to create a space to Portobello 2021 Exhibition, designer Guilherme Wentz took his concepts of habitation to the extreme. The search for natural shapes and causality in relations gave life to a space where the protagonist is the floor itself, which, with its organic format, creates an almost utopian living room that reminds natural landscapes. The invitation to sit close to the ground suggests an informal interaction among those who share the room, evoking primitive spaces of living. The use of slabs on the walls highlights the rustic texture of concrete and warms the space, while Bonbon, used on the floor, creates a different texture from its format and allows curved lines that define the project.
Wentz Guilherme
Guilherme Wentz @guilhermewentz
Guilherme Wentz is a product designer and founder of the WENTZ brand. With contemporary aesthetics of tropical air, Guilherme’s creations reflect his contemplative personality, connected to nature and obsessed about drawing. Furniture, lamps and objects designed by him present a different glance at habitation, in which every piece transmits a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. 
With almost 10 years of career, he holds important national and international prizes and mentions. With recognized works in partnership with great brands in Brazilian design, Guilherme draws the future of his brand, WENTZ, with freedom, presenting his philosophy of tropical minimalism to the public, and inviting us to take a break from chaos around.


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