Riserva Todeschini

Debora Aguiar
The professional created a complete 250 m² residence, which presents home as a refuge, a large cocoon where you can find everything you need to live comfortably. With the name of "Riserva Todeschini", the environment concept is to be a nest of coziness and comfort, comprising a generous social area with living room, dining room, integrated gourmet space and a large master suite, with the double bedroom, closet and the shower room. 

The architect bet on a palette of sober tones to guide the entire project, lightly inspired by Asia, with a lot of sophistication. The house was made of metal and wood structures – in the ceiling, walls and planned furniture.

In the heart of the house, the gourmet area mimics the internal landscape and is where everything happens. Designed to enhance the energy of cooking as integrated into the room, the space is composed of an island, imposing dining tables in green quartz, 80 pendants and an illuminated retro bookcase, which highlights the exhibited collection.

In the master suite, the wooden ceiling embraces and goes down the side walls, reinforcing the nest proposal. There are wooden columns that frame the large window that opens to the garden. For an even more intimate touch, there is a generous round bed and a wooden desk facing the landscape. A lamp and pendant in murano cutouts complete the sophistication.
 Debora Aguiar
Debora Aguiar @deboraaguiararquiteta
Under the perspective of a life concept that emphasizes well-being, comfort, warmth and nature, the architect Debora Aguiar, for over 25 years, has been designing this way of life in homes, hotels, offices, restaurants and others corporate and commercial environments in Brazil and abroad. 

Her very unique style of designing spaces always takes into account the coexistence of users, the circulation of people, the privacy of the place where you live or work, leisure and rest environments and the use of ecologically correct solutions - which include plants, trees and flowers in the environments -, has become a registered trademark of architecture and interior designers. 

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