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Escritório de Arquitetura Gab de Matos
Espaço Agô proposes a reflection on the house from an Afro-Brazilian and Amerindian perspective, where the dwelling limits are not defined by walls, but by the relationships we have with the environment and our surroundings, with the people around us and with ourselves. 

Inspired by her research on the heritage of African architecture in Afro-Brazilian architecture, new forms are created from the deconstruction and construction of figures present in the daily life of large Brazilian cities, inviting the public to try other ways of seeing and practicing architecture, as well as how to appropriate the domestic space. 

The choice of materials reflects the project concept. It reflects on the connection we have to nature through the touch. To bring what's out there into the house. The tiles are a very characteristic element in Afro-Brazilian architecture as they have origins in North African architecture, and are also present in much of the Northeastern architecture. The color palette reflects elements of nature such as water, earth, fire and air. They make the environment extremely comfortable by providing harmony.
 Escritório de Arquitetura Gab de Matos
Escritório de Arquitetura Gab de Matos @gabdematos
Gabriela de Matos is an African-Brazilian architect and urban planner, born in the Rio Doce Valley in Minas Gerais, and creates multidisciplinary projects with the aim of promoting and highlighting architectural culture and Brazilian urban planning from the lens of race and gender. 

With a degree from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at PUC Minas, she specialized in Sustainability and Management of Built Environments at UFMG. Currently working on her Master's degree at Diversitas - Center for the Study of Diversities, Intolerances and Conflicts at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences (FFLCH) at USP, she currently also teaches in the Architecture and Urbanism undergrad course at Escola da Cidade. 

Gabriela is vice president of the Brazilian Institute of Architects in the department of São Paulo, being the first black woman to hold this position. She is the founder of the Black Architects project, which maps out the production of black Brazilian architects. She researches African-Brazilian architecture and contemporary architecture produced in Africa and its diaspora. Besides other aspects, she proposes actions that promote the debate on gender and race in architecture as a way to increase visibility on the issue. 

Signs the editorial of the book “Arquitetas Negras vol.1”, the first publication by black architects in Brazil. She is CEO of Estúdio de Arquitetura - Gabriela de Matos, created in 2014. She was awarded the Architect of the Year 2020 prize by the IAB RJ. and she is signing the welcome environment at the CASACOR São Paulo 2021 exhibition, entitled Espaço Agô.


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