Rooftop 20|21

Spaciousness, elegance, and comfort are found in Rooftop 20|21, which has its name because it was conceived at a time when we are connecting deeply with our homes and valuing outdoor spaces surrounded by nature. In 400 m², architect Ana Trevisan proposes a different layout, creating “cornered slits” with the Bleu de Savoie ceramic floor, a product chosen for its originality and rarity. The large 120x120 format guides the modulation of “slits” that the concrete vessels receive. Graphite pebbles finish and contrast with the gray tone of the vases and the bluish gray of the ceramic.

Trevisan Ana
Ana Trevisan @anatrevisan.arquiteta
 Ana Trevisan is architect with a degree from 2004, and CEO of the Ana Trevisan Paisagismo + Arquitetura office. She has already participated in 8 decoration shows, with this exhibition as her fifth participation in the CASACOR show where she already received two awards: 2014, Best Commercial Project, and 2016, Best Public Use Project.

Her office specializes in exterior architecture and landscaping and develops residential, condominiums, commercial and public spaces projects. The goal is transforming and creating places for people to build memories.

Office associated with AsBEA - Brazilian Association of Architecture Offices - and ABAP - Brazilian Association of Landscape Architects.

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