Flåm House

QuadriArq Arquitetura
A loft with a unique concept that brings a mix of Scandinavian architecture and biophilic design. A space created to convey lightness, functionality and naturalness in a unique atmosphere. This is the space presented by QuadriArq at CASACOR 2021.

Flåm House brings, starting with its name, references to the Nordic countries. Flam is a small village in a valley located in Norway, with only 350 native inhabitants, surrounded by abundant nature. The site sits on the banks of one of more than 1000 fjords, Norwegian rivers with steep, rocky slopes full of waterfalls and lush landscapes. 

As a compact space, which inspired its name, it uses nature through biophilic design and references to local architecture. The space features a predominance of oak, a typical wood from the region, in light colors. A monochromatic and sensorial atmosphere dictates this fully integrated space, measuring only 50m², designed in a functional and detailed way for a resident who wants to disconnect from the urban pace.

During the pandemic, a new perspective at lifestyle standards instigated QuadriArq to seek biophilia in shapes, textures, furniture and ambiance, to present a cozy and unconventional space that comforts and brings the inhabitant back to his origins.
 QuadriArq Arquitetura
QuadriArq Arquitetura @quadriarq
Founded in 2011 by three architects in Porto Alegre, QuadriArq proposes that the client's participate in the creative process, stating with the project's name. They are the fourth element, and are omnipresent and active in the project's conception.

Among the characteristics that solidify QuadriArq is the common trait of the partners in feeling challenged by the particularities of each project. The full participation of the three architects, from creation to execution, is fundamental for the unique results that QuadriArq's high standard projects ensure.

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