Cozinha de Ficar

CASACOR Ribeirão Preto | SP 2021
CASACOR Ribeirão Preto | SP 2021
“Cozinha de Ficar” was designed as a space that welcomes family, friends and connects with the kitchen that symbolizes our grandparent's home. A place to welcome and be welcomed. A kitchen with the scent of cake from the oven... that's how Adriana defines the space with 15m².

The tiling was chosen to bring movement to the gaze. On the wall, the blue flooring Toki Chuva, from the Portobello Shop, plays with nuances and color gradients. On the floor, the Color Market Havana coating was applied in “fishbone” type of paging.

Adriana wanted to play with the light and shadow of the space using cobogós from "Linha Elemento.

”I love using cobogós or hollow elements, as they let natural light in and create a twist of shadows on the floor, which add to the project beautifully”, she concludes.
Fontana Adriana
Adriana Fontana @adrifontanainteriores
With 20 years of experience in the interior design market, Adriana has a degree from Faculdade de Belas Artes with a specialization in Art History at the Scuola Lorenza dei Medici and an extension at the Instituto Per l'Arte and II Restoration Palazzo Spinelli, all of them in Firenze, Italy. 

Besides being creative, Adriana is recognized for mixing – with good taste and elegance – colors, textures and materials, always respecting the personality of her clients. She and her team serve the residential and commercial segments and have signed several projects for decorated apartments. 

In tune with the main trends, she is always looking for innovations presented in the world's largest events and fairs in the architecture and decoration segment. In every project she seeks to bring contemporary environments to life with another characteristic of her signature, with inviting, cozy and personalized projects. 

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