The style is a blend of American breweries and Brazilian joviality with a cosmopolitan European touch. The project has scenic lighting, especially pendant lights that emphasize the countertop and a panel made with beer bottles.

The aim is to maximize the client’s pleasure in experiences within an irreverent and hip space, departing from conventional bars and restaurants and exploring freedom in decoration. The biggest challenge was to balance the brewery concept without falling into the definition of a bar.
Karas Cynthia
Cynthia Karas @cynthiakaras
An Interior Designer, she studied at Chelsea College of Arts (Fine Arts) and South Bank University of London, Film and Photography. Since 1996, she has been developing projects at the helm of her firm.

It was founded with the aim of creating and presenting custom projects for each client. Today, in all of their work, they add experience, creativity, technique and commitment assimilated and incorporated over these years in the market. From the inside out, it is an interdisciplinary firm operating in various segments of the interior design and architecture field, with over 1000 projects completed in Brazil and abroad.

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Manoel Guimarães