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The partnership exists in a moment in which living was rethought and reinvented. A big trend is gaining strength in cities and we are looking for the opposite path to the one made by our grandparents. If before they came from the countryside to the city, now we are experiencing an urban exodus, a movement that has gained increasing strength.

An ethereal environment, free from excess, it creates sensations with textures, shapes and design and art pieces, bringing us closer to nature. An environment that helps to rescue elements of Brazilian culture, such as handicrafts.
ASSENÇO RIBEIRO+ARQUITETURA @assencoribeiro.arquitetura
Description architect: PAULO HENRIQUE RIBEIRO - An architect since 2010, with a postgraduate degree in interior design, he has been working at CASACOR MS since 2016 as architect coordinator of the event. He has been working in his office since 2018, where he seeks a light, minimalist, cozy and affectionate architecture.

VINÍCIUS ASSENÇO - An interior designer, passionate for design and art pieces, with an eye on trends and major national and international references. He works directly in the creation and coordination of projects within the office, always seeking to create an architecture with a conceptual basis and outside of fads and excesses.

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Janaina Lott
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  • Piso Dansk Cement White 120x270cm
  • Segments Plus Ice 14x14cm