Capixaba Emporium

Having a place to comfortably receive friends and family has become a priority for many people when looking for, or planning a home. Capixaba Emporium is the gourmet space of the “Casa Original (Original Home)”, the theme of CASACOR ES 2021. The exhibition, in its 25th edition, is back in Vila Velha, where it was launched in 1996. 

The aim of the architects was to transform the space with sophistication and, at the same time, warmth. The idea of Capixaba Emporium is to show the versatility of a leisure area to receive friends, cook, chat, relax, listen to good music and, above all, connect again with other people. For that, the use of the Mesa Ímpar (Unique Table), by Officina Portobello, signed by Ruy Ohtake, with an organic format, allowed us to take advantage of all the viewing angles of the space.

One of the project’s highlights is the curved covered wall with the Marea Travertino launch of Portobello. With imposing texture and color that alludes to the movement of sand, super-present in the city, the beaches are Espirito Santo’s landmarks.

For the floor, the architects opted for the Dansk Cement Rope, as it is a neutral concrete floor, but it is far from the ordinary as it is a large-format piece.
Hoffmann Guarize
Guarize Hoffmann @guarizehoffmann
In the midst of the pandemic, the company Guarize Hoffmann was named after the architects Juliana Guarize and Tassia Hoffmann. With similar goals and harmony at work, in 2020 they decided to take on new flights and, together, founded Guarize Hoffmann.

Juliana Guarize, an architect and urban planner, is a graduate from Faculdade Univix and has a postgraduate degree in Project Management (FGV). She is one of the faces of Guarize Hoffmann. She stands out for being proactive and having innovative ideas.

Tassia Hoffmann is a graduate from Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) and has a postgraduate degree in Lighting Design (IPOG). A detail oriented person, having a refined good taste, Tassia is the other face of the company.

After a year and four months with the company, they have collect a number of satisfied customers. There are more than 15 homes in progress, in addition to renovation and interior projects. The company’s objective is the search for service and development of differentiated projects with excellence for its customers.

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