Innovation Cicle


To innovate is to transform what already exists in order to evolve, by including something new, unprecedented. Always being up to date and looking closely at where the most important trends in global and local behavior point to, to incorporate what is relevant, what makes sense to us.

Acquiring information at events and surveys, but also on a day-to-day basis, in the relationship with customers and suppliers, is the first step in our innovation cycle. Therefore we are always on the lookout, gathering solid and inspiring documentation such as trend books, talks and exclusive materials created especially to share information, thus promoting a virtuous cycle of culture expansion.

All this contributes to our constant evolution, consolidating a strong and expressive portfolio. And innovative, always!


Docs Unltd.

Candid interviews with professional partners, conducted by journalist Pedro Andrade.

Season 3 Most recent episodes:


Paola Navone
Paola Navone Architect, designer and decorator. Know
Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Paulo Mendes da Rocha Architect, urban planner and teacher Know
Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha
Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha Designer, architect and urban planner Know
Ruy Ohtake
Ruy Ohtake Architect and urbanist Know

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