There is something on the French Riviera that exceeds expectations.

The simple, unpretentious, and naturally sophisticated beauty invites you to live each moment to the fullest, embracing the essence of "savoir-vivre."

Natural materials with warm tones, with its origin in this Mediterranean landscape, are part of the architecture and make up the local atmosphere.

Tropezienne dares to bring this French mood of being sophisticated without intention, naturally (très chic), just like the Limestone of the region, to the surface of Slabs and Large Formats.

Fragments of time, on clay as a raw material, reveal in natural tones a compact and contemporary material , based on the new ceramic technologies.

Tropezienne Blanc and Greige boast the color of the sand in St. Tropez under different summer sunlight. The more wintry shade, Tropezienne Cendré, complements the collection's palette.

Tropezienne. Très chic. With the savoir-vivre of St. Tropez.
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