Of intense and spectacular beauty. The strong storms lend all the impetuosity of their electrical discharges to compose Storm's identity. The unexpected flashes of lightning are represented in fluid, expressive veins and in grayish tones. The pitch of the skies translates smoothly and elegantly into the solid surfaces.

Storm is the creative interpretation of the real effects of nature into the environments. Predominantly developed within the gray scale - sometimes intense, sometimes timider - the line presents marble with personality, completely filled with outlined designs and in two different finishes: natural and polished. Used on floors and walls, Storm creates dynamic esthetics with its available formats.

In sizes 120x120, 60x120 and 90x90, Storm appears in White and Gray colors. In the Hexa version, the 20x20 piece generates an absolute fascination through its hexagonal shape and the unusual decorative effect it provides.

The collection is complemented by Ply, a relief in porcelain tiles in the 60x120 format where the rhythm connects with the intensity of the surface.
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