To go back to the essence is to recognize the strength of origins. What comes first, what is the material that structures an architectural element?

Matéria_prima, essential material, traceable material, sustainable material. Pure earth. Pure water. Pure mixture. Pure clay. Matéria_prima.

The origin gives identity. It gives tones that nature embodies in earth. Nonetheless, it is not the same clay. There is a trajectory to every tone.

From land to architecture. They are processes that use fire to turn water and soil into ceramics. Simple and necessary for a world more in tune with nature.

Oskar Metsavaht has a look that transforms the obvious and essential into desirable and required aesthetics. Matéria_prima, what contemporary architecture expected.

Available in 20cm x 120cm and in the innovative 30cm x 120cm format, in 7 colors: neutro, ocre claro, ocre escuro, terracota, marrom, verde and azul.

Specially created for facades, matéria_prima is 100% porcelain and can also be used on interior floors and walls.
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