Pedro Andrade
Pedro Andrade From Rio de Janeiro, journalist, author, TV host, Brazilian in New York, plura. See more
Traveling is much more than getting from one place to another.

The real art of exploring the world is not attached to a plane ticket but to the burning desire to understand other points of view, accept what seems different,  absorb new realities, look within ourselves, satisfy our curiosity, and expand horizons. 

After visiting more than 60 countries, the journalist and architect enthusiast, Pedro Andrade shares some of his physical and emotional adventures with us.  

Through a collection inspired by the colors, textures, landscapes, flavors, and peoples from five different cities, he goes back to these places, however, this time by our side.

HORIZONTES brings pieces that can transport the essence of Jaipur, Santorini, Tulum, Zanzibar and - of course - New York into a familiar reality. 

The world, inside our home. 

Bon voyage. 

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