Coating LIVERPOOL WHITE 07X24cm Glossy Bold

Disponível para Builders, Portobello Shop Stores, International
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Informações técnicas

Specification Value
Code 26009E
Edge Bold
Visual variation V1
Reproduction Synthetic Design
Number of Faces 1
Usage Locations PE
Color Body No
Commercial Typology Wall
Type Coating
Dry Internal Walls Joint 1,5 mm
Wet Internal Walls Joint 1,5 mm
Thickness 7,4 mm

Consulte sua loja, pois lotes antigos podem possuir espessura diferente.

Suggested colors for grout
ep - Branco | ac - Branco Brilhante | ci - Branco


Specification Value
Unit of measurement M2
m2/box 0.340
Piece/box 20
Net weight (Udm) 13.060
Gross weight (Udm) 13.353
m2/pallet (mi) 54.400
Box/pallet (mi) 160
Piece/pallet (mi) 3200

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Usage locations

  • External Wall
    Paredes Externas (PE)

    Paredes externas de até 6 metros de altura

* See the Virtual Specifier to find the right coating for your environment.

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