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Our warranty will guarantee your safety and peace of mind!

As part of the Complete Solution concept, Portobello Shop is also offering the Portobello Bedding service through an installation team that takes care of preparing the site, plans the logistics, and does all the bedding and finishing until the final product is delivered.

From the idea to execution, our stores guarantee a smooth renovation, avoiding damage and waste.


See system benefits

Portobello Team specialized in bedding

Professionals are approved and trained through a theoretical and practical course with the Portobello Engineering Team. Definition of tooling standards and appropriate techniques for applying Slabs.

Insurance against breakage during construction

All unforeseen breakages in the project are replaced at no additional cost to the customer.
Extra security!

Technical Supervision

After constant inspection, the work undergoes an inspection to ensure the Portobello Quality Standard.

Portobello 5-year warranty

5-Year Warranty for product quality and installation service.

Safety from specification to application

  • Sales Consultant: advice on ideal products for each technical demand in accordance with current standards;
  • Project Team: executes the technical projects;
  • Installation Team: plans the logistics, prepares the site, performs the bedding and finishing. Delivers the final product with warranty and the Portobello Quality Standard.

Where can I find the Portobello Bedding Service?

The Bedding Service is now available at the following Portobello Shop stores:
Santa Catarina
  • Balneário Camboriú
  • Blumenau
  • Florianópolis
  • São José
  • Tijucas
  • Curitiba - Alto da XV
  • Curitiba - Batel
Rio Grande do Sul
  • Capão da Canoa
  • Caxias do Sul
  • Lajeado
  • Porto Alegre - Nilo Peçanha
  • Santa Cruz do Sul
  • São Leopoldo
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