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Deep research on wood species made us prepare a beautiful collection derived from a wide variety of origins. Diving into this collection made beautiful blends emerge by mixing older pieces and more recent arrivals. In one of these moments, whereas, unexpectedly, a creative impulse emerges and it takes shape and it is transformed into a new design the Reserva collection was created. Types of wood were organized into chromatic groups and made groups emerge from similar origins to inspire the mixing of three types of woods: "Jardim Botânico" (Botanic Garden) more intense colors of wood from the Atlantic rainforest, Central Park with warm colors that are at the same time close and far from ivory. Ardennes Forest express the European taste for grayish woods. Ardennes is an immense forest reserve that spans from Belgium to Luxembourg from one side of Germany to the other. The lankier format of this line is innovative and expresses boldness and elegance. This line also brings back Chevron, which is a French method for diagonally applying parquets. Read More


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