In a long and remarkable historical passage, Vivant lands in the contemporaneity of
enthusiastic and sophisticated homes. Inspired by the French artistic movement, which
emerged at the end of the 19th century - Impressionism was a symbol of a time when
paintings portrayed landscapes, highlighted the relationship between space and light, and
sought to awaken sensations.

Vivant is powerful, radiant and full of life, adding its vintage esthetic to the modernity of a
palette rich in tones that transit from neutral to colorful. The tones are based on gray,
resulting in its unique personality palette.

Among the ten color possibilities, the glossy, matt and Ligne embossed finishes are also
protagonists and a true invitation to touch.

Vivant's surface dances to the rhythm of the light, reproducing a charming movement.

Vivacious, resistant and versatile, Vivant covers internal walls and is presented in 10 colors
in the 7x24 format.
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