“Sururu”, the Charru Mussel. Shells that transform.
A pond. Mundaú in Alagoas. An idea of a better world. A social project.

Shells from the bottom of the pond are the basis of a community’s survival. Food, work and life with many opportunities to be more sustainable.

Marcelo Rosenbaum and Rodrigo Ambrósio followed a path through design a long time ago. Portobello joined this idea. We present Cobogó Mundaú.

Now an evolution. Solar.

The cement and shells light up with color. More energy. More robustness.

Solar is a collection of coverings with planes and volumes that rescue languages from brutalist architecture. Lina Bo Bardi inspired the designers who proposed the new palette of colors and essential lines and shapes for more sustainable walls. Socially and environmentally.

The Portobello, Marcelo Rosenbaum and Rodrigo Ambrósio partnership goes even deeper into essential design.

The beauty of the surfaces that reproduce slatted and linear effects composing with maxi bricks and its solar colors illuminated by the iridescent effect of the shells.
Brutalist and contemporary. For people and projects that will make a better world.
More beautiful. More sustainable.
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