Mies van der Rohe, in addition to being one of the leading names of twentieth-century architecture in translating, in a daring, sophisticated and very innovative way, his minimalist austerity, also left some maxims such as "Less is More." The "less is more" may seem simplistic, but it is actually quite sophisticated and elaborate, it is the synthesis of simplicity from quite complex compositions. One of his main works, the German Pavilion made for the world fair of Barcelona, is recognized by the fusion of diverse materials and architectural elements that express in a unique way the "less is more". Ms Barcelona was idealized with the ambition to translate the same thought into a design proposal that, from a fusion of materials like limestones, cements and basaltins, creates a striking but minimalist surface that may use veins and elements of natural stones or cement textures with aggregates, in a chromatic balance that converges to something unique and synthetic. The multi-surfaces, with matt finish, with relief for external use, with the brilliance of the polish, plus the incisions creating textures carved in the material for use in walls, express the versatility of Ms Bracelona. A contemporary view of the layers of time: stone, concrete, architecture, history, technology and design ? Ms Barcelona. Read More

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