That obvious question about the concept behind a collection doesn't fit here.

Not because of a lack of content, but because Folia & Bordas' creative process goes beyond a simple story.

We asked Isay to develop a collection for Portobello.

He visited the factory and presented his ideas, and we went after implementing them. 

We tested compounds, materials, enamels and firings in a trial-and-error process that not only guided Isay in adjusting the design of the pieces, but also guided us in the search for technological innovations that would make their production viable.

Folia & Bordas are very simple in essence, really stripped down – in shapes, colors, and finishes – and in every way different and opposite.

Folia includes thin and very large plates, and the diffuse coloring has something ludic and irreverent.

Now in Bordas, robust cement slabs, with irregular surfaces and contours, evoke the imperfection of craftsmanship, almost rustic.

In a palette of soft tones and multiple dimensions, their pieces can be combined in modulated compositions with infinite variations.

Both very distinct and peculiar within our history, Folia & Bordas are our newest releases and are the result of an exceptional collaboration with Isay and his talented team.

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