Being on the cutting edge of innovation, transcending standards and going beyond the
already established, express the avant-garde movement in arts and culture in early
20th century in France.

The power of disruptive ideas to transform something consolidated inspired the
recreation of the classic oak, the hardwood of European and American forests.

To recreate oak in porcelain tiles is to overcome design and technology challenges, it is
to bring nature to still unexplored levels, it is to combine creative sensitivity with
emerging innovation.

Avantgarde reproduces timeless wood in three colors and in super-long format – 20 cm
x 120 cm and 21 cm x 180 cm - on a surface where the touch is the protagonist. A
texture that defies the material and provokes unexpected sensations is the touch that
makes Avantgarde unique.

Super Touch – the new Portobello surface that combines the sensitivity of handmade
design with the innovation achieved by technology. Experience this new sensation.
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