The atmosphere, as the layer involving and defining our planet’s borderlines, interferes in the impressions of what is beyond Earth.
Atmosfera, like the singular view of the artist contemplating the infinite, recreates the universe in astounding surfaces.
Space is not flat, time has its rhythms and the celestial movements reveal unique facets of this scenery, what inspires an unrivaled collection of coatings. 
Espaço and Tempo reproduce volumes as waves that complement one another. 
Aura interprets the subtle boundaries of celestial spheres in an asymmetrical embossing.
Espectro graphically reproduces the different intensities and amplitudes of a light beam.
Eclipse reveals on the phases of our satellite in a particular embossing in composition with gold and dark metal.
Ovnis are non-identified obvious forms sculpted in a porcelain surface, which is sometimes metallic, sometimes monochromatic.
Lua organizes perfect spheres and receives metal in an alternate form.
Through the vision of Antonio Bernardo, the Atmosfera collection recreates the threshold between the flat surface and space. Between jewel and art, the coatings are a surprise. Read More

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