Oskar Metsavaht
Oskar Metsavaht Brazilian fashion designer and environmentalist. See more
An encounter of purposes has motivated the creative collaboration of Ipanema.
The new luxury, such as ethics aesthetics, full of environmental consciousness and expression of the authenticity that belongs to the one who creates it, was the initial dialogue turned into new surfaces in porcelain.
Ipanema, eternal inspiration. Ipanema through the creative vision of Oskar Metsavaht. From art to design, from landscapes to geometry.
A particular path built in chromatic compositions. Black and white tones of the little Portuguese stones from the sidewalk translated into big surfaces. The square’s sheer geometry or the mosaic’s sinuosity, that changes the scale and amplifies the beauty of the famous sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro.
And the colorful palette reproduces Ipanema’s natural light. Sun, sea, sand. Transformed into art and transported for the huge slabs. A luxury. New, authentic and aware. Read More

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