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19 April, 2014 14:01


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THE HISTORY: Brazilian noble woods are a constant inspiration for porcelain tiles reproduction, as these materials are naturally beautiful, as well as important by providing the possibility for democratizing its use without threatening sustainability and guaranteeing adequate technical characteristics used as coverings. Constant research studies on native species and a careful curator revealed “Jacarandá da Bahia” (a native Brazilian species of wood) as the wood for the new collection. It is a typical species of the Atlantic rainforest Coast forest and the Brazilian savanna, which has been exploited a great deal since the colonial period, when its exportation served the European luxury furnishings and musical instrument markets. In Brazil, “Jacarandá” is found in the southern part of Bahia State, explaining the origin of its name (Jacarandá of Bahia). The pieces used for the reproduction were used for building houses in the last century and displayed their marks in diverse layers of paint, as time went by. In some moments, the overlying wood maintained its original color of the species, a dark chocolate-like shade. It was considered as one of the most beautiful species of Brazilian wood; Jacarandá has been reproduced in porcelain tiles to become a part of the history of your house.

The servise is exlusive to Engenharia, Portobello Shop clients and Revenda.

Um serviço de envio de amostras e instrumentos para entrega rápida e diretamente nos escritórios de arquitetura, sedes das construtoras,obras da engenharia ou para equipe comercial (depósitos, escritórios e residências).

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