Essential materials of porcelain architecture. This is one of the creative lines of the brand that, by meeting the Danish designer Cecilie Manz, made it possible to create a Pure material!

Cecile, the designer of the year by Maison & Objet 2018, has as creative principle to know all the characteristics of the material, all the techniques and technologies available in the production process and, from there, to propose something minimalist, but that challenges the limits of both material as well as the technique.

Puro is handmade ceramics, cut with the artifacts used by artisans and artists, translated into high-tech ceramics, designed with cutting-edge tools and produced on an industrial scale.

"A composition with the minimum: just enough. Subtle, flexible microscopic textures, architectural and organized height differences. Color palette in gray and yellow. Raw materials, earth itself, washed ochres, pale sienna," defines Cecilie Manz.

The textures, surfaces, color chart and compositions, which Puro makes possible, are raw material for environments that combine the maximum sophistication translated into simplicity.

Products of the line

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