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Line Paisano
Nature textures expose surprising surfaces when worked in the purest, almost crude way. The details stand out *AND* inspire endless possibilities. The Paisano line pieces become incredible panels, both in the mix of textures *AND* in the smooth version. The fusion material as a base, which...
Line Calacatta Blanc
Calacatta Blanc
A delicate look at the great jewel of marbles, the eternal Calacatta, brought about a new surface.  An extremely elaborate approach, with veins redesigned to be in a meticulously designed intensity *AND* position, exhibiting a unique texture, developed to counteract the hardness of the...
Line Nordik Wood
Nordik Wood
A large wooden slab in brown tones *AND* dark veins. From the cold forests of northern Europe to the warmth of contemporary environments. From this large slab, wide boards of 26 centimeters by 2 meters were created, an object of desire for projects that seek a bold connection with nature.
Line Concept 1
Concept 1
A concept that proposes an aesthetic *AND* functional solution through multiple uses of large formats. The decorated surface of Concept 1, in a 120x250 format, plays with neutral palette tones in soft textures. Combination possibilities with other products in the Portobello portfolio allow the...
Line Still Now
Still Now
A slab that translates the urbanity of concrete with smoothness. Surface that transits through the most diverse styles *AND* compositions with its elegant *AND* discreet personality.
Line Nordik Table
Nordik Table
The timeless design of the Nordik Table cast the porcelain wood surface as the protagonist. A composition of the touch *AND* warmth of wood with the functionality of the porcelain slab.
Line Berliner
Berliner is, literally, an origin description of whom has been born in the capital that transpires history, respects memories *AND* prints movements towards the new, art, architecture *AND* design.  Created from the collective *AND* plural vision about Berlin, this new surface reproduces...
Line Atmosfera
The atmosphere, as the layer involving *AND* defining our planet’s borderlines, interferes in the impressions of what is beyond Earth. Atmosfera, like the singular view of the artist contemplating the infinite, recreates the universe in astounding surfaces. Space is not flat, time has its...
Line Quartzites
Brazil is rich in mineral formations of quartzites, a very hard rock, with a great diversity of designs *AND* tones *AND* very high mechanical resistance. The advancement of mining technologies is increasingly revealing the beauty of Brazilian quartzites.
Line Cube
Elegance *AND* sophistication expressed through subtle *AND* timeless colors in a blend of tones with a glossy *AND* opaque finish, in the shape of a three-dimensional cube. Old Rose, White, Taupe *AND* Black in precious nuances for walls *AND* features. Cube is sometimes an optical illusion,...
Line Color Block
Color Block
Line Unique
Marbles that have personality
Line Yass
Yass! It is what is said when something surprises and enchants on social media. Yass! is the updated and trendy proposal of the Venetian terrazzo. The classic blend of marble and cement fragments that have paved the architecture of Venice for centuries has come to be re-used in floors and walls...
Line Harpa
The hostile nature without trees, with many rocks, intense wind *AND* low temperatures, was highlighted in the research. Architectural materials are mostly imported from the concrete. Aluminum is benefited in Iceland *AND* is widely used in construction. The color chart of the country has great...
Line Araucaria
The reproduction of Araucaria, native species of the Atlantic Forest, in the South Region of Brazil. The surface of the boards has a new texture, developed with the application of quartz micro granules *AND* a special firing cycle. The result is an even more natural touch *AND* a feeling that...
Line Cement Block
Cement Block
A reinterpretation of the Color Block concept: full colors on a porcelain cement surface. Chromatic nuances *AND* fragments of aggregates create Cement Block's identity. With more subtlety *AND* smoothness, this new material brings the versatility of the cement *AND* the refreshing air of...
Line Timeless
Timeless Beauty
Line White Home
White Home
Line Superquadra
Concrete is always modern and transitions between many styles without being dated or seeming old-fashioned. It is the perfect companion to a mix of other surfaces and can be the lead in solo projects. SuperQuadra was created from this free perspective of concrete. The Superblocks of...
Line Travertini
A marble that has been a benchmark of nobility in architecture for thousands of years.  Travertino is an eternal *AND* timeless classic. In contemporary architecture, it moves among different styles, from the minimalist to the more elaborate one. Portobello’s Travertino Navona is...
Line Chelsea
The charming neighborhood of London was the inspiration for the new Portobello bricks. Chelsea has always been an important cultural center *AND* now houses a vibrant lifestyle with galleries, shops *AND* dining options, spread between contemporary architecture *AND* historic buildings, yet...
Line Ms. Barcelona
Ms. Barcelona
Mies van der Rohe, in addition to being one of the leading names of twentieth-century architecture in translating, in a daring, sophisticated and very innovative way, his minimalist austerity, also left some maxims such as "Less is More." The "less is more" may seem simplistic, but it is actually...
Line Artesanal
The gradient effect creates surprising effects on walls in leisure areas, spas, bathrooms and all areas that creativity allows. With handmade tiles, the kit contains pre-assembled parts for easy application.
Line Aspen
Total white on a gloss surface. A basic wild card in the format 32"x32" for light commercial and residential ambiences. Inspired by the extremely charming ski station of Aspen. Perfectly white.
Line Atelier
Decorative porcelain mosaics and accessories for decoration. Diverse cutouts for originating surprising shapes and surfaces featuring embossments on walls. Versatile decorations for enriching ambients.
Line Bauhaus
Concrete Fluidity. This product is inspired in the rationale and minimalism of modernist architecture. It reproduces concrete through subtle embossments and urban colors.
Line Blocks
Surprising matte surfaces in neutral and urban colors. The tile sheets are square or rectangular shaped and create a contemporary ambience. They are ideal for compositions with other lines and materials on indoor and outdoor walls and for doing the finishing on swimming pools.
Line Broadway
This is a versatile line for covering floors and walls portraying the contemporaneousness of concrete. It features natural, polished, and external finishing that can be complemented in creating a unique surface, also available in formats for walls. It is a complete line.
Line City
City serves the demands of contemporary architecture. It is ideal for residential *AND* commercial spaces, reproducing cement yet with coziness. Reproduces cement surfaces in urban colors *AND* available in 60x60 *AND* 90x90 formats.
Line Colors
Porcelain tile sheets featuring varied color and finishing options. The detonalized effect on the borders enables new compositions for indoor tiling and facades. The metalized surface displays a futuristic and minimalist effect in ambients and architectural volumes.
Line Concretssyma
The concrete inspires the urban atmosphere or the porcelain tile, while the olive tones pigments convey a cozy hue to the mate.
Line Ecodiversa
The color that illuminates *AND* frames other materials is in evidence for compositions that seek warmth in minimalism, a Danish expertise. Vit means white in the Nordic vocabulary *AND* the Vit wood proposes a white surface over a soft Rovere that subtly enriches the purity of color. One of the...
Line Ecollection
Sequoia Mix We reproduced the sequoia slabs in porcelain tile, interpreting the rich variation of brown *AND* grey shades *AND* in a slightly rustic surface. A rare wood interpreted in a contemporary form to be used in urban, residential *OR* commercial projects, for external *AND*...
Line Essencial
These architectural materials selected for displaying the essence of a contemporary house. Urban *AND* sober tones for contemporary decoration projects.
Line Funcional
Solutions for situations of specific use which link technique *AND* design.For the bathroom shower there are two solutions: the first with a 6"x6" floor *AND* a piece covering the outlet in a porcelain tile. The 6"x6" format forms a screen which, together with the filling, is more resistant to...
Line Gigacer Concrete
Gigacer Concrete
Ideal for contemporary decoration projects in commercial *AND* residential ambients.
Line Iris
The simplicity and elegance of pure white in a large format 32"x32". Iris composes versatile surfaces, where the white can be the protagonist or the assistant of the decoration. Inspired by the beauty of this flower, Iris takes part in light commercial and residential projects.
Line Liverpool
The history of rectangular wall tiles for wall coverings was employed even in the 19th century in The Tube, the name of the underground (subway) in London - that was the inspiration for the Liverpool line, a very contemporary reinterpretation of that material. There are basic *AND* neutral colors...
Line Marmi
Reproduction of natural marbles in diverse formats and finishes.
Line Marmi Classico
Marmi Classico
The main characteristics of this marble are the organic shapes of its ton-sur-ton streaks, resulting in a smooth, subtle design. 
Line Mineral
This line synthesizes the basic Portobello pantone. Up-to-date, urban, and ideal for blending with different materials, all styles of ambients. They are technically adequate products for all areas of the house.
Line Mineral Tcnica
Mineral Técnica
Line Pietre e Mattoni
Pietre e Mattoni
This is a contemporary interpretation of unfinished stone *AND* handcrafted brick surfaces. For indoor ambients with an easy going look as well as sophisticated, the white *AND* black colors come right off of pictures of New York lofts. In natural tones of brick *AND* stone, the embossment...
Line Piscine Acqua
Piscine Acqua
Special finishing pieces for swimming pools. The tiles are on 9.5x9.5cm sheets for easy application.
Line Prisma
Irregular borders and modern colors for indoor and outdoor applications.
Line Progetto
Neutral palette for contemporary designs.
Line Universal Collection
Universal Collection
Classic marbles in neutral palette for noble indoor residential *AND* commercial ambients. 
Line Braslia
The Brasília line will inspire decoration on apparent concrete surfaces, as it was created by the great architect Niemeyer *OR* inspired by him. This portrays a contemporary look on this material, as this was the starting point for reproducing it in large formats.
Line Colorssima
Colorful surfaces, with glossy finish on the Neutral and Trendy color options, including options for monochromatic embossed accessories, and stamped glass pieces.
Line Lamina
This is a new concept in design. There are panels up to 300x100cm, 3.5mm thickness enlarging design and architectural perspectives. Provides great variations of installations and applications due to its flexibility, it is ideal for wall coverings. It revolutionizes architectural designs.
Line Gioielli
Mini formats for maximum glamour. The porcelain colored tile sheets were inspired by semi-precious stones now with a high-gloss finish creating a light iridescent color effect, perfect for indoor walls or details transforming ambiences with lots of sophistication.
Line Lumina
Opaque surface on super matte colors for facades and indoor ambients. There are specially designed glazes, so that light reflects sharpening colors. New colors, new surfaces, and new architectural possibilities.
Line Pietra di Firenze
Pietra di Firenze
Pietra di Firenze portrays a neutral *AND* homey concept that can be used throughout the entire house. The texture is subtle *AND* satiny. This Italian limestone can be laid on floors *AND* walls in bathrooms *AND* kitchens, as well as in all other indoor ambients.
Line Spessorato
Porcelain tiles with a 2cm thick pure dough tile for urban area and high traffic. It reproduces Granite and Pietra Basaltina in two tonalities. Spessorato can be laid using mortar in the conventional method or on raised floor structures.
Line Star
These points of light illuminate the ambient from far. Close up, there are mini metallic circles or squares utilized as accessories and create either a rock ?n? roll atmosphere as well as cool touches in indoor ambients. The gold, copper, onyx, and silver are the protagonists of this line.
Line Steel
It was inspired by a chemical reaction generating steel, cut *AND* mixed with other substances to make new chromatic scales possible. This is an innovative metallic surface concept. Porcelain tiles for facades, volumes, *AND* indoor ambients.
Line Stone Extra Fino
Stone Extra Fino
Basalts and Limestone, reduced thickness in a tile sheet format. Easy application and natural colors for all ambients. Ideal for decorative applications in niches, furnishings, and walls. The thickness is compatible with Extra Thin.
Line Stone Wall
Stone Wall
Natural stone surfaces. Sculptural, classic, and timeless. These are appropriate adjectives for surfaces created by embossed mosaics made from natural stone. For design decorating and covering with personality.
Line B.I.S. (Best Industrial Stone)
B.I.S. (Best Industrial Stone)
Best Industrial Stone. Nature inspires. Design creates *AND* recreates. Graphic work overlays different natural stones making an industrial material arise from embossed slate, marble veins *AND* layers of granite on a single surface. Several stones in the same stone, this is the concept. This...
Line Cbica
Three dimensional textures for indoor and outdoor walls in neutral colors to create a modern atmosphere, where grouting can be protagonistic, contrasting or integrating shapes. From graphic inspiration, Cubical porcelain tile sheets are anti-monotonous in all ambients seeking alternative...
Line Play One
Play One
In the shape of jewels, an interpretation that portrays concrete diamonds in urban colors for freely creating all ambients. The freedom for personalizing your house was the inspiration for developing this line. These are extra thin porcelain tiles, Play One can be laid on floors, walls, and...
Line Wall Mosaic
Wall Mosaic
Wall Mosaic has different types of surfaces *AND* texture selection, those act as a wallpaper *OR* like a multidimensional surface that make up the differences of this line which is exclusive for walls. Wall Mosaic renews Portobello?s closet.
Line Terracotta
This moist molded clay and fire dried is an ancient technique used for artifacts and architecture. Terracotta is the name of this technique, which means "baked earth" in Italian. It was inspired by handcrafted tradition, Terracotta Portobello is a covering for indoor and outdoor walls,...
Line Arquiteto Urbano
Arquiteto Urbano
Matte *AND* glossy colors for contemporary facades, available in different surfaces for original *AND* creative architectural projects.
Line Artsy
Art is a territory for freedom. The artist must decide on the limits of his/her own creation. And when the designer become an artist, ivory colored concrete arises, on natural stone surfaces, in honeycombed shapes, with luxurious gloss, yet maintaining the soul of the blended cement, sand, and...
Line Brit
Little ceramic bricks have been used since ancient times in architecture, but the English brick is more outstanding than the others. The traditional material in England, the little brick adheres to regulations and standards defining their characteristics and shapes. A visit to London is an...
Line Ecowood 2.0
Ecowood 2.0
Reproducing demolition wood from Minas Gerais State, Ecowood 2.0 surpassed its previous version, in formats, surface, *AND* design, yet it preserves its roots *AND* it will make people fall in love once again.
Line Hangar
Concrete is a blend of materials defining its technical and esthetic characteristics. The fusion trend perfectly fits this material, as it is transformed into new surfaces when blended with natural stone, for example. The fusion of fragments of marble and limestone mixed with concrete constitute...
Line Reserva
Deep research on wood species made us prepare a beautiful collection derived from a wide variety of origins. Diving into this collection made beautiful blends emerge by mixing older pieces and more recent arrivals. In one of these moments, whereas, unexpectedly, a creative impulse emerges and it...
Line Studio Craft
Studio Craft
Clay is our main raw material, we refer to the origins of the material. Plasticity, natural tones, hands molding unique pieces. Clay enchants and awakens the artist soul of the designer... Studio Craft arose by revisiting the origins of ceramics, a porcelain tile with delicate surfaces and...
Line Bardot
Inspired by the icon personality of innovation, beauty, and charm of Brigitte Bardot, this collection of mosaics can transform your surroundings. It is a wild card for decorating interiors, practical and fast installation, it is sure to make your surroundings contemporary as well as comfortable.
Line Planalto Central
Planalto Central
This is the creation of a latticework line created by engineers who worked in Recife at the end of the 1920s and consecrated its use in modern Brazilian architecture, it reminds us of the "Planalto Central" (Central Highlands). As the Brazilian capital city was created there, latticework became...
Line Coleo Capsula
Coleção Capsula
Line All Bricks
All Bricks
A selection of bricks in its traditional origin, as London, Chicago and Brussels was the inspiration of this collection. The new size 7x26cm, slim and elegant, it was developed especially for these representations. For environment that looking for a warm and confortable atmosphere in a modern...
Line Basalto
Research and curator of bricks in their traditional birthplaces such as London, Chicago, and Brussels, and their contemporary interpretations.
Line Taylor Made Bricks
Taylor Made Bricks
Taylor Made Bricks is a redesigned of the classic brick. From our designers’ hands emerge proposals made to theirown personalities. Different types of research were used to make this collection very special in terms of surface, design and composition between the pieces to bring an elegant...
Line Karst
It is an elaborate *AND* subtle limestone; with intense design manifested subtly in tone over tone, on a neutral color chart. Inspired from the source of limestone; Karst refers to the geological formation of that stone typology. There are diverse sources around the world, but this comes from...
Line Portland Stone
Portland Stone
On the highlands of a small island, on Jurassic Coast, 200km from London, in the English Channel, there is a very special stone. Portland Stone! It is a cold and grayish limestone, which inspired the name of Portland cement and it is prevalent in construction sites all over the world. In New...
Line Signs
Extruded coverings, versatile, eclectic *AND* multifaceted, taking shape through the ceramic. Multi combinations, shapes *AND* colors for a perfect matching. Surfaces that highlight the beauty of textures *AND* reliefs through a mix of different pieces, perfect for decorating *AND*...
Line Geppetto
The handmade work is to cut, cut out, transform, know how tacitly, learn with the master and become a master. Geppetto is a mosaic selection in natural wood, that brings comfort to the surroundings through its contemporary textures and surfaces. Simple is part of this line with auto adhesive...
Line Elemento
"Cobogó" is reinterpreted into a more minimalist and urban version. There are simple geometric designs, executed in concrete in gray and white colors. It is just the right measure of pure and beautiful shapes.
Line Barlavento
Barlavento means windward in the nautical dictionary and is also the name of a group of islands in the Caribbean, with paradises such as Montserrat, Martinique and Barbados. Atolls formed by coral reefs, volcanic rocks that rolled to the sea and small fossils mixed with sand, paint the Caribbean...
Line Color Market
Color Market
Every inspiration has a color and creating an inspiring pantone is the concept of Color Market. Color with essence, meaning, history and tailored for interior design. The classic English brick is the basis of color. Surface molded by hand that has been exposed to weather over the centuries...
Line Marina
New color-coded inserts inspired by outdoor life, in the most beautiful landscapes to navigate.
Line Le Corbusier
Le Corbusier
Les Couleurs Suisse AG of Zurich holds the exclusive international rights to Le Corbusier’s unique "Polychromie architecturale" system and has granted Gigacer Spa the licence to use the original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours in its collections LCS Ceramics, porcelain stoneware for...
Line Nord
The Nordics express minimalism in both architecture *AND* design, creating a language without excess, full of personality *AND* timeless. Several furniture icons with Nordic design are as modern today as they were in the 50s. Portobello?s Nord line revisits the essential route of minimalism,...
Line Bossa
This language has become part of the Brazilian identity in the 50s. Bossa is a contemporary version of the Brazilian tilework, with designs and colors that bring back the aesthetics of modern architecture – to make art with personality and originality in modern layouts.
Line Azuleja
Several interpretations printed in relief, allow the charm of tiles in a more practical way in both application *AND* day-to-day use. Azuleja is recommended for the whole house. Pure freedom of choice.
Line Quadrante
The memory is the Brazilian architecture and its works of art in walls made of tiles.Contemporaneity means to translate these references into simple and essential shapes. The result is a versatile proposal that can decorate or transgress. Quadrante enables keeping to the straight and narrow, but...
Line Thor
A cave made of extremely hard limestone that is ideal for climbing. According to the local legend, it has this name for being as strong as Thor, the Norse god of mythology. Softness *AND* resistance are characteristics shared by Thor tiles.
Line Cottage
The concept of Cottage brings to the architecture of large cities a chance to interpret the atmosphere of the countryside in urban life. Wood and stone – Canelle and Pierre –, painted in white, are the basic pieces of this very sophisticated proposal, but not pretentious at all, which enables the...
Line Algarve
With 20x20cm format and a slightly worn out paint that reminds of stoned jeans, the blue and white shades of tiles can turn into a mix of designs or the repetition of the same pattern. The white tile is a wildcard to intensify or soften the proposal in pure elegance murals in different environments.
Line Movimento
Cobogó Movimento can be applied in the same direction or by randomly turning the pieces and creating surprising layouts. In addition to using it as a partition between rooms, the cobogó can also be part of the furniture and decoration.
Line Classica
New marbles, new shapes and finishes renew the Classica line. The rectangular 45x90 shape with a polished finish expresses the sophistication of the most classic of materials, both due to the large shape and also due to the possibility of reducing joints to the minimum and allow the creation of...
Line Lazer
Natural stone surfaces in compositions with a touch of art. Textures to get wet and have fun.
Line Forma
A stylist’s raw material is fabric. Being a stylist, replacing fabric with Porcelain, was the creative proposal of the Forma. instead of scissors, the cutting-edge technology of water jets is used to create amazing and exclusive looks for all environments. organic shapes inspired by the tail of...
Line Magma Rock
Magma Rock
When the glowing magma solidi es, basalt appear - composed mainly of feldspar and quartz, which are hard volcanic rocks and are charcoal colored, dotted by micro crystals. Magma rock reproduces the basalt of the Mount vesuvius region near Naples. From cuts that are parallel and transversal to...
Line Tangram
From the eastern art world, the Tangram - a traditional game made up of geometric pieces that can be put together in in nite ways - was the starting point for playing with the geometry and textured surfaces of these forms and translating them into contemporary proposals for walls. Two textured...
Line Dansk
The origins of visual purity, functionality, and formal simplicity are Eastern, but have been improved and conquered their own identity representing Nordic thinking. Portobello has Immersed in the daily life of Copenhagen, with the goal of capturing the essence of that culture. A team of...
Line Chroma
In an urban color scheme and a slightly glossy finish, Chroma, in a 7x26cm shape on symmetrical or asymmetrical four-piece displays, is perfect for indoor and outdoor locations. A wall with Chroma can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the grout choice. With the same grout colour the...
Line Pavillon
It was a housing unit built entirely from standardized elements with glass panels, terrace and horizontal windows, typical of Le Corbusier’s work, and was part of a larger project that anticipated the housing challenges of contemporary cities. Through this building, Le Corbusier developed a...
Line Toki +
Toki +
This coatings technique became noble in Venice 800 years actually, either by using marble that increased the resistance of the material, or by polishing the surface that increased its aesthetic value. Some tendencies brought terrazzo as an option for decoration and architecture, but not...
Line 3d Lab
3d Lab
3D Lab experiments *AND* surprises in proposals with different shapes, surfaces and, of course, inspiring embossing patterns. Spot is a geometric proposal with two different embossing patterns for unique projects. Memphis got inspiration from the group of Italian architecture *AND* design of...
Line Pierre Belle
Pierre Belle
There are several quarries of "pierres de Bourgogne", which reveal rocks with shades between salmon, golden *AND* fossil fragments composing organic designs. Pierre Belle is a limestone from the small village of St Martin Belle Roche, South of Dijon *AND* its main feature is the...
Line Pietra Lombarda
Pietra Lombarda
It is a gray stone with chunks of other rocks in its composition. The name "cepp" in the Milanese dialect means "stone with pebbles" *AND* originated the Ceppo di Gré. Known as the rock of Lombard architecture, the blocks were brought to town across the river Adda to...
Line Venissa
Inspired by the Venetian Terrazzo, yet created as if it were nature working its magic and carving a hard block and revealing its inside. A design process with original references of Venissa - Venice, in a native language - and a complete re-creation of the literal reproduction of Terrazzo....
Line Connections
Line Arpege
The Portobello Arpege proposes creating different rhythms on the wall surfaces from the variation of their embossing. The 10x20cm shape with a white or cement finish can be applied vertically or horizontally and brings a surprising touch to interior decoration
Line Area
The area represents the essence of pure and basic colors opposing and complementing each other in several scales, being the raw material for unique designs.
Line Ripa Mood
Ripa Mood
This concept was expanded even more in Ripa Mood, with proposals in marble and monocolor cement.
Line Biscuit
Slight white and earthy colors, with in a dry shade, however, give this line casualness. They are reliefs that can be comprised of different shapes, either with or without a smooth piece. Biscuit is the ideal proposal to ensure an environment elegance.
Line Brickstar
The effects on Brickstar surface come from the furnace, where high temperatures cause a reaction on the enamel, making each piece unique. Rawness contrasts with metalized nuances, which will astonish you when applied with an almost dry joint – that’s how material’s artisan, hand-made concept is...
Line Casablanca
Casablanca translates the globalization of a millenarian treasure from Moroccan culture, the tilework technique known as zellige, in a collection to decorate *AND* customize environments throughout the house. The craftsmanship know-how in the terracotta enameling in a palette of primary *AND*...
Line Athos Bulco
Athos Bulcão
One of the greatest Brazilian artists, who expressed his talent and sensitivity in public places, astonishing people with wonderful tilework murals in many cities, but, especially, Brasília. We present a special edition, designed by 3 artists who learned and became passionate about tilework...
Line Bathroom Foster
Bathroom Foster
Line P3 Conforts
P3 Conforts
Line Malibu
The diversity of multicolored rocks is due to the dynamics of billions of years under varied tectonic movements, making the region a barn of slates and sandstones. Malibu interprets the region’s coastal atmosphere in reproductions of slates, which are rocks formed in layers of quartz for outdoor...
Line Puro
Essential materials of porcelain architecture. This is one of the creative lines of the brand that, by meeting the Danish designer Cecilie Manz, made it possible to create a Pure material! Cecile, the designer of the year by Maison & Objet 2018, has as creative principle to know all the...
Line Paysage
Tile interpreted with technology and design. The technique of handmade tiles with the use of serigraphy to stamp the pieces in a version with state-of-the-art digital printing and pigments. A translation of "nature at home" from the great diversity of botanical designs that form decorative...
Line Paris
The typical entrances of the first stations of Paris, made in iron and signaled with the word Metro in stylized calligraphy, are accompanied by the rectangular tiles and bisouched in the tunnels where the wagons stop. Paris reproduces the pottery of the Parisian seasons in a current color chart...
Line Belgique
The Pierre Bleue or Blue Stone is a stone of the limestones category typical of Belgium. This wonderful stone carries small fossils that stand out on its dark blue surface. Belgique is a daring design through a merger between Blue Stone and concrete. A material that does not exist in nature,...
Line Le Cementine
Le Cementine
A re-reading of the traditional hydraulic tiles with multicultural look, with selection of designs with references in geometry, mandalas and retro forms, interpreted with cleaner and contemporary lines. A proposal of personalization for floors and walls with roots in modern Brazilian...
Line Jackie
The subtle texture that reproduces a concrete surface with fine sand finish, is presented in a palette of pale colors, always contemporary, which integrates with the chromatic proposal of the whole Collection. Two graphic patterns, in the long format 30x90, complement the solution and guarantee...
Line Fit
The range of porcelain models, sizes *AND* tops makes Fit a versatile benchtop that, from the idea of block, has the possibility of transformation to fit any space.
Line Brooklyn
Inspired by the world’s first suspension steel bridge - Brooklyn Bridge - the benchtop blends the elegance of porcelain with the industrial mood for super modern designs.
Line Reverse
The possibility of setting two different materials on the same benchtop shows Reverse’s versatility. Whether with a carved sink *OR* a support sink, the result reveals the elegance of the porcelain surface on its many faces.
Line Frame
Porcelain niches are the multiple solution for all kinds of room. The Frame line is the updated version of this versatile piece with a tailoring touch.
Line Eiffel
Lightness *AND* functionality are the main features of Eiffel, a benchtop inspired by the Parisian monument whose structure is the great character. Air *AND* Cabinet models have, in their own support system, the option of use as towel holder.
Line Krea
This deceptively simple, opaque wall tile provides nearly infinite possibilities. The flat textured fields, alongside complementary color choices allow combinations for all environments. The modern-stretched subway size contrasts delightfully with the naturally inspired texture subtle...
Line Argamassa Especiais
Argamassa Especiais
Line Rejunte Epoxi
Rejunte Epoxi
Line Rejunte Cimenticio
Rejunte Cimenticio
Line Tropical
Celebrating the woodlands of Brazil
Line Maori
Maori expresses the identity of the native wood from New Zealand. Inspired on boards obtained from Kauri trees fallen in secular forests, Maori is the porcelain wood with an expressive embossing *AND* contemporary mood. Created for projects that require coziness *AND* a rustic touch.
Line High Line
High Line
New York, “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”, represents a global mood for the world's great cities, inspiring bold attitudes *AND* expressing diversity *AND* contemporaneity. This urbanity is expressed in architecture with the strength of shapes *AND* materials,...
Line L'arc
The simple *AND* elaborate shape of round arches, present in architecture through the ages, inspired a three-dimensional product for highlighting surfaces in different environments. L’arc expresses the shape in an expressive way, with 3 color options for unique compositions.
Line Ipanema
An encounter of purposes has motivated the creative collaboration of Ipanema. The new luxury, such as ethics aesthetics, full of environmental consciousness *AND* expression of the authenticity that belongs to the one who creates it, was the initial dialogue turned into new surfaces in porcelain....
Line Blocco Lavabo
Blocco Lavabo
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