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Sustainability - Production Steps

Do you want to know what sustainability means in each stage of our production process?

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Sustainability for Portobello means being aware of our actions and the impact of our choices. It means understanding the responsibility that comes with being an integral part of our society and ecosystem.

Check the 2020 Sustainability Report and get to know all our actions, from production chain to distribution, which help build a better future where we all evolve together.

Portobello’s ath to Sustainability

Looking after our employees, with respect and dignity.

Ensuring that the natural resources required for production are used rationally.

That the production process is not only socially and environmentally responsible, but also regenerative.

That the communities around us are built into the brand ecosystem.

That the waste we produce is repurposed.

2020 in Figures at Portobello

36,544 millions m2 of ceramic tiles produced
3.607 direct jobs
100% capacity at manufacturing facilities in the 2nd semester
3 consecutive new sales records set
100% deposits restored after exploration
+1.000m2 booth at Revestir Expo
+236.000 monthly visitors to Archtrends
100% digital at Unltd Exhibit, Franchisee Convention and Agenda 21
+55.000 visitors during Revestir Expo
100% clean energy

Protecting the

Planet Earth is our home. And, for thousands of years, we have been using its natural resources to build our houses. Now we number over 7 billion. The only future worth imagining is one in which our management of architectural resources is smart, optimized and sustainable.

Ceramic tiles replace non-renewable resources in a manner that is much more logical, technically and environmentallywise. In the case of Portobello, they are exceptionally sustainable.

We worry about the way mineral deposits are explored and restored, about where the water we use comes from, about repurposing waste, about creating a positive impact for our communities. In our design process, architecture knows no bounds. In 2020, we distributed over 36 million square meters of sustainably-sourced tile coverings in Brazil and around the globe. On the following pages, we will show how we are working on creating the future we want.

A more sustainable alternative

The evolution of design and technology allows porcelain Slabs to emulate materials such as wood, marble and other natural stones, with technical characteristics more suitable for use as tiles and with less environmental impact

Terra Earth

The raw material used to make ceramics is earth itself, removed from shallow layers and mostly in areas close to our plants

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Água Water

Moving water and the mechanical force of waterwheels turn clay into a very fine powder

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Fogo Fire

The shape of ceramics involves the technology of the presses and the heat energy along the line towards the furnaces

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Resíduo Zero Zero Residue

The rate of recycling, reuse and recovery of the waste produced in Portobello’s manufacturing process exceeds 99%.

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Nosso Produto
Nosso Produto

We strive tirelessly to enhance the different stages of our productive and creative processes so we can take care and help recover the planet we live on

Nossa Gente

We value the people from our communities and believe in their ability to evolve and change the world for the better

Nosso Produto
Nosso Negócio
Nosso Negócio

Positive financial indicators, customer satisfaction and commitment from all stakeholders ensure the sustainability of our business



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